Sunday Nights

Posted: August 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Growing up, around the time sun would set on Sunday evenings, I would usually get a pain in the pit of my stomach because I hated Mondays! I hated the idea of having to wake up early the next day. All the fun of the weekend had ended, the playing in the park, the cartoons on Sunday morning, the meals after church and more playing around, it all ended and the only thing I can see in my foreseeable future was school… I dreaded Sunday nights.
Now as I get to sleep on Sunday nights, I have a different feeling, I don’t know when it changed. Maybe it has do with being an actor. See, now when I get in bed on Sunday nights I’m filled with a little bit of excitement. The dread, I used to feel is now almost opposite that feeling. And the thing that I’m excited about is Monday morning, the beginning of a new work week. I’m reminded that this week is filled with infinite possibilities. I said I may have developed this feeling with me being an actor and all because, we never know when we’ll have an audition, with every new week is the hope that a new opportunity is right around the corner.
I remember an actor told me once his car broke down on a Monday, he got an audition on that day, tested on a Wednesday and was a series regular filming in San Francisco that Friday. His whole world changed in a week… infinite possibilities.
So as I crawl into bed from such a fun weekend which included an amazing meeting with #WeOwnThe8th and judging the Ms. Philippines beauty pageant, I’m reminded a new week starts in the morning and you never know what’s going to happen. 

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