On the road again…

Posted: January 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s a little past 7am on the second Saturday of the new year and I find myself at the airport for the first time in 2016. I was lucky to get upgraded to first class, doesn’t always happen, but it’s always great when it does, I mean who doesn’t love first class. (Side note: an actor from “Scandal” just walked by, I watch the show, so I’m a fan, the lawyer guy, you know who I’m talking about)
I love airports, I love just people watching when I’m here early for my flight, I don’t have to rush and I can just sit here and people watch. You see people from all walks of life roaming around the airport. Hopeful faces, maybe going on their first plane ride or someone about to embark on an adventure overseas. People wearing hats and tshirts of the teams and places where they’re from. Faces of people arriving, happy to get off the plane, happy to get home. An elder couple, not arguing but the wife insisting her husband take out the plastic baggy to make sure there’s no “goop” is spilling out of it, he of course does what’s asked. The women’s voice comes on over the intercom with a mix of boredom and a little forced positivity to assure everyone our flight is on time. Sometimes, you can’t help to feel like cattle being herded around on these massive buses that just happen to fly around in the sky, flying around on a regular basis isn’t luxurious as I imagined as kid. There’s the faces of those that have traveled ten’s of thousands of miles, who look like they are just over this whole process and I guess I don’t blame them.
But I still have to sit back at times and just look at everyone in an actual state of transition, everyone going somewhere or coming from somewhere, myself included… and just now, the nice, slight bored lady is letting me know it’s my turn to board.
This is the first of many plane rides this year.

  1. Ronnie says:

    Love this post, I want to wish you this and all the times that you travel: bon voyage!! 😛

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