Fashion Sense: Dressy Sneakers

Posted: January 19, 2016 in Fashion Sense


For all the sneaker heads like myself, something happened… We grew up. No matter how fresh your Jordan’s are, they just don’t look good in you skinny jeans. I love shoes, I always have, maybe because I grew up in the hip hop generation where fresh kept sneakers were an extension of your personality or maybe because I’m Filipino and I have Imelda Marcos syndrome  of owning too many shoes coursing through my veins. Shoes have always been an important part of my life.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with these particular hybrid kind of shoes. These Cole Haan’s… Now I know people are always thinking bloggers will only write about products that are sponsored or what not, and I do recieve my share of swag, but this post is unattached to any of that, they didn’t send me shoes, (although I would not be opposed to that) this is just me falling in love with a product, as I do sometimes and then obsessively going too far by buying more pairs of shoes than any one individual needs.
The skinny of it all is, we love wearing sneakers, Air Max’s, Jordan’s, Air Force 1’s, not just for the style, but because they’re comfortable, I mean they’re sneakers. And although it’s become the norm to wear sneakers in almost any outfit, as we’ve grown up, our styles have gotten a little more mature and so has our shoe game. The great thing about these shoes are they are dressy on the top side, wing tipped, suede or leather and on the bottoms are like Nike running shoes, the Lunar soles or the Zero Grands.
Not only do they look good, there are so many color combinations which again appeal to the hip hop fashionista in me, I can get funky with my style and add a little flair to my look. Cole Haan is not the only brand dealing in these upscale sneakers, my other favorite brands in this space are Clay and Common Projects.
So as this part of my blog is just a conversation for every day guys and fashion, I say to step up your shoe game with this new wave of dressy sneakers.
  1. LM says:

    Finally retiring my dress shoes with holes in them. Ordered some grey cole haans with white bottoms. Wonder if it will pass with my conservative bosses. They do make some nice shoes, sooo many choices

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