My Thoughts On This Super Bowl (how am I older than Peyton Manning?)

Posted: February 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I’m a fan like most people here in the US and around the world, I guess, now… Growing up a 49ers fan and being a longtime Los Angelino (seriously considering changing my alliance to the Rams now that they’re coming home) I don’t have a horse in the race, I just get to sit back and enjoy.
The thing that hits me though is the generation battle. Awhile back, I remember seeing Peyton Manning in some sideline interview during a practice, as he was answering questions, a familiar song started playing, he turns around and says something to the nature of, “Hey, Bell Biv Davoe, that’s my jam.” “Poison” was playing over the speakers and I realized, hey, this guy is from my Era! I always thought of him as older than me, but in actuality, he’s a few months younger than me. And his recognition of that song, made me feel a kinship to him, even though I was never particularly a fan of the Colts in his heyday, it’s cool to think we grew up, went to high school at the same time and probably have good memories to similar songs, like BBD’s “Poison.”
Now, there’s Cam Newton, the new school, obviously a beast of a player with the whole new style of playing and celebrating that often rubs my generation the wrong way. The times are a changing…
How I see it, is this my generation’s last hurrah with Peyton going to win one more, this time less through power or arm strength but more through mental cunningness, the way elders often win. Or does this mark the end of one Era and the beginning of the new…
Ultimately, Cam and the new generation will inevitably win in the long run, it’s their time, it’s cycle of things, but it will be fun to see Peyton can pull off one more magical game!
Regardless who you’re rooting for, hope everyone is with family and friends celebrating this pseudo holiday. Happy Super Bowl, y’all!

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