Phife Dawg From A Tribe Called Quest

Posted: March 23, 2016 in Blog, Uncategorized


I grew up as part of the Hip Hop generation, meaning I came up in a time when we didn’t look up to rock gods on electric guitars but rather, our anti-establishment movement came in the form of M.C.’s rockin elevated lyrics on microphones. Like the generation before us worshiped groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, we worship groups like A Tribe Called Quest. I’m just writing today to mark the passing of a legend, Phife Dawg (Malik Taylor), member of this amazing rap group, they’ve always been my favorite, a perfect blend of Jazz and clean New York beats with the poetic verses of the perfect duo Phife and Q-tip, giving an articulate and thought provoking depiction of our generation. They transcended the neighborhood and their music transcended race and classism and when I think about people and places and moments in my past, often, one of their songs accompanies it in my memory. They will forever be apart of the soundtrack of my life, rest in peace, Phife.

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