The Night Before, The Night Before Christmas…

Posted: December 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s a rainy night in LA, rainy nights always make me feel a little melancholy. Tonight, I tapped of my holiday shopping and trudged across town, to Koreatown, to get my favorite bowl of Ramen in Los Angeles. I’m sure some will ask what the place is called, so I’ll tell you, Slurpin Ramen (no one has secret spots anymore, I guess it’s for the better, that’s how I find most of my new favorite places… ps, here’s a picture) 

Anyway, I’ve just been shopping for the last few days, my girl asked me what I wanted for a present. I can honestly say I don’t need a thing. I’m fortunate to able to spoil myself all year long, I don’t need another stitch of clothing, matter a fact, I have to find a way to probably get rid of half the stuff in my closet. I only say this to tell time that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found more joy in giving gifts than getting them. Of course for my nieces and nephews,  but also for my parents and my brothers and sisters. Not just giving them something, but thinking about something they’d like and going around town getting all the things, hopefully unique things. It’s like an adventure. 

Sometimes you got to give them what they want, sometimes what they need and sometimes I just give them something that makes me laugh. One of my brothers likes gadgets and random things like me, sometimes I catch an infomercial on TV late at night and if it’s something I like for one reason or another, I’ll order it for him…usually they have that, we’ll throw in a second one for 19.99! I usually keep that one for myself. 

Well, I finished my soup, the rain is letting up… just thinking about giving, it’s the season for giving, I can dig that. I hope you guys are having a good holiday with your families. I hope you give somebody something they really want. 

Happy Merry Everything…

  1. Kara says:

    Dear sir,
    hello, and happy holidays.
    To be quite honest with you, I am not sure this post will be a burden, or if it will encourage you. I heard about you
    through watching movies with you as a character, like American dragon. I know you must hate publicity,
    so I will treat you as if you are just an ordinary person. I write this post with uncertainty, but I want you to feel supported on this Christmas Day.
    Im just writing about how I am thankful you exist. I don’t know what I find the most
    inspiring about you: whether it is your
    ability to dance, sing, speak, act, or to just be your own self. I am a total
    stranger, sir, and I don’t want this post to be a bother in any way. I just want
    to uplift you, and to say, “merry Christmas from me to you.” Good luck to you in your career and all else…may you have peace always.
    from, kara

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