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Bouchon Bakery

Posted: February 7, 2015 in Blog

Now, I’m usually not one to review food, I mean, I love good food, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a “foodie” with expertise in the field, there’s not a stitch of food in my refrigerator and the stove in my kitchen has been cooked upon less than the number of fingers on my hand. That being said, I eat out a lot, probably more than your average person and I might just be qualified enough to write about a restaurant.
This morning after my workout, I was hungry like all of us are after a good sweat and my mind raced back to this sandwich I had a few weeks ago at a business meeting at Bouchon. This “Croque Madam” French ham sandwich with a beautiful sunny side egg atop, laced with a hollandaise sauce, was my idea of a perfect brunch. So I showered and raced down the block to have  brunch alone to study lines before a rehearsal this afternoon.
I got a table for one and my waiter, Adam, was a pleasant man, was delighted that I knew exactly what I wanted as I sat down. He confessed he knew how it felt when you had a taste for a certain thing and the “Croque Madame” was worthy of such a yearning.
I waited patiently and studied my lines for my upcoming performance and when my prized sandwich arrived it was magnificent. Made perfectly like a masterpiece painting, the symmetrical egg atop two pieces of bread baked in house at this very bakery, with a nice helping of thinly sliced, salty ham, all glazed in the creamy hollandaise sauce and accompanied by perfectly made french fries… or pomme frites, as they would call them… the french that is.
I simply got to take a little time off to enjoy my meal and I looked around to find myself in this French bistro, with every detail reminding me if my trip to Paris so many years ago. The wall adorned with mirrors, the intricately tiled floors and the quaint, old world illustrations on the walls with french writings that I do not understand at all.
But brunch alone, amazing food in a beautiful place is something of an escape in the middle of the town. It’s an overcast day and something about it all seemed poetic… I just wanted to share it with you.    

As this year set off, one of my goals is to do more videos for my channel and write more in my blog. Here is on of the new video series I’m doing, just changing up the way I do vlogs. I like to shoot while I travel around the country talking at colleges or cons, but while I’m in town, I feel a little silly just shooting my regular, everyday life… So I came up with the idea to just do some highlights with things I’ve really liked in the last month.

Now, I’m a shopper… So I buy things, maybe too many things throughout the month. But I figure, the things I like, I’ll let you all know about it. But besides shopping, there are other things I fall in love with, movies, books… socks! I don’t know, just a fun way to look at life I guess and chill way for me to look back at the last month. Also, it’s not just all about me, I hope anyone out there reading or watching, leave me suggestions for new things to try out because I have to admit that I am infinitely curious and love to try new things or discover classic things. Anyhow, here’s the first episode… This is what I dug in January.

Faces In Cottage Cheese Ceilings

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Blog

When I was a kid, I have memories of laying in my bed, staring at the ceiling, the cottage cheese ceiling, and suddenly pictures would appear, something like connect the dots, outlines of faces, clown faces, I remember and tigers… I would look up at the ceiling and somehow a swirling cottage cheese world was in there, like little pieces of art, just hanging out up there, always something to look at as I fell asleep.

Recently, I went home to the house of my childhood and by chance got to sleep in my old room. I say by chance because, my family is really big, and when you’re home for the holidays, when aunts and uncles and cousins all make their way home, I usually get a couch if I’m lucky, but more than not I’d find myself next to my brother cuddled in some blankets on a little piece of carpet real estate.
But for some reason, I got the bed in my old room. Now it wasn’t my old bed, the one of two little twin beds that used to reside in the room that I shared with my brother growing up, no this was a new bed is this newly, starkly decorated room for guest. I guess, coming home nowadays, I am a guest, I don’t live there anymore.
But as I lay there in this familiar yet so unfamiliar room, I looked at the ceiling and I remembered all the shapes and faces I would see up there, up there in the cottage cheese ceiling.
But I looked, really stared at the ceiling for awhile and I suddenly realized… there’s nothing up there, all those things I used to see, it’s just not up there anymore, or at least I couldn’t see it.
Maybe as we grow up, we lose our imagination. I was just happy to remember in that moment that I used to see all those images on that ceiling, and then so sad to look up and not be able to see them anymore.

My First Con of 2015! #NewConPDX

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Blog, YouTube

I spent the first day of the year jumping on a plane and heading out to Portland to my first con of the year. Although I did a vlog about the experience which you can watch above, I love to write, so I want to write about it also here on my blog. First off, I love Portland, it’s really a charming town with a cool vibe and it’s very hip without trying to be. It seems like I meet so many great people and I love shopping up there, so many cool boutiques, especially for men, with that outdoorsy mountain man look plus there’s no sales tax!

Now as I’ve been doing cons for a little over a year now here in the US, I’ve been learning so much from all the fans and the scene. I didn’t grow up going to cons and was never apart of this amazing community. Through my work I’ve been welcomed in and somehow been made a celebrity, believe me, I feel fortunate and humbled by all those I meet that have seemed to enjoy my work over the years. The fandom world has inspired me to go back and find all the things in my life that I geek out about, especially the great films and shows in my youth like Star Wars and Thundercats and the list goes on. It somehow helped me re-spark and remember exactly what we’re really doing in this Hollywood business, the magic of it all, telling stories. And it just helps me remember, even though I’ve been here making film and television for years, it’s really all for the fans… and I too am a fan. And it’s truly great to reconnect to that. Also, the more I’m around this scene, I’m always reminded, from the panels to the artist alley, to all the amazing cosplayers, that when you come to these events, you’re surrounded by the most creative people in the world! Now I’m in an industry that is made of creatives, but we can sometimes get jaded because it becomes so much about commerce, to get away for a weekend and surround yourself by creatives that create for the love of it all is refreshing. Going to panels and hearing the passion of people talk and share ideas is incredible. I introduced a friend to her first Homestuck panel and she was amazed to see the engagement of all these folks that comes from a free web comic online. It’s really a testament to the power of artists and their impact on the world. (shout out to Andrew Hussie)

So as the first work week of 2015 began yesterday and I’m set to tackle another year in this town, I thank everyone who I got to meet, at the panels, conversations in the lobby, drinks at the bar… y’all help remind me exactly why I do what I do, I wish you all a prosperous 2015… Cheers.

4:07pm New Year’s Eve
It’s an unexpectedly cold day in LA on this last day of the year. It’s Wednesday and it’s somehow in the 50’s, which is terribly cold for Los Angelenos and spent the day getting a last workout in with my brothers, a round of racquetball (in which I lost every game) and now sitting here in a hipster cool barber shop, wanting to get crispy clean for tonight’s festivities and to usher in the new year come morning, but it seems that many share in need to look their best on the last day so the wait is nearly an hour long. It’s ok, because it’s now given me time to look out the window and see the soft winter sun slowly set amongst the palm trees and reflect about the year.
To a certain degree, the year has been a blur, so much time on the road this last year. Some of the things I recall off the bat, getting back to Melbourne, I love Australia! Whenever I get an opportunity, I jump at the chance. I was in two weddings this year, (neither of which were my own) but I had the pleasure to be apart of two of my best friend’s weddings, I also got to write two original poems, one for each event. 

Now they’re calling me for my haircut, guess they lied a bit on that hour wait… in any case, talk later.

3:47pm New Years Day
So I wanted to write some epic end of the year blog yesterday, but obviously that didn’t happen. I’m here now sitting at the airport in LA writing this blogpost on my blackberry. It was just yesterday when I started writing, but after new years, I feel less wanting to look back and more a desire to look forward. One of my goals is to write more, particularly on this blog. 
I actually love writing, not sure if I’m the best at it, but I do know I see the world in a certain way and I have all these thoughts, sometimes I get to discuss them with friends and family or get to write them out in a poem, but sometimes it’s just great to have the conversation with myself and put them down on paper… (or on this computer screen) and maybe get a conversation started with those out there reading. 
So as I don’t really ever make new year’s resolutions, but I guess one would be to write more…
So expect more posts, some maybe more important than others, some may be random thoughts. But if you’re taking any time out of your day to sit and read this, I figure it’s like us having a conversation, so thank you… & have a happy new year. 

End of Summer…

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Blog
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Every year after my birthday I always get that feeling, somber, almost melancholy feeling in the pit of my gut, like the weather is still warm, but the day slows down and as I walk around the town I reminded it’s the end of Summer. Makes me think of all the fun we had at the beach and the carefree days we spent doing… well, actually doing nothing and loving every moment.
Well, it’s been busy Summer this year, traveling around the country, even got to Australia (shout out to Melbourne, even though it was winter when I was down there) working, making appearances, speaking at colleges and even got to see my close friends get married, this year’s was a good one.
See, Summer is my favorite time of the year, born in the Summer and always been a Summer baby and as the Summer ends, I can’t lie and say that it doesn’t leave me with a little sadness.
But there is always things to look forward to, like the Fall, I mean, as sexy as Summer is, I’ve always thought of Fall as being romantic, so I say bring it on… Plus there’s football. Guess I’m just an optimist, always looking on the bright side, or maybe it’s my constant Summer State of mind… Hope you guys had a good one too.
Farewell Summer.


So this last month I gave myself a challenge to vlog everyday for the month of August. First, why did I do this? Well, lately I’ve been doing a lot of media online, collaborating with some great artist from the new digital world, the likes of KevJumba, AJ Rafael, the Elder Statesmen, Mike Capes from “Hacks of Life.” And this whole new world became open for me, recently signed up with Maker Studios and I’ve decided to stop dabbling in this new digital world and really jump in and start to create some new content for any and all out there watching…

Challenging myself to vlog for a month was scary. The Hollywood I grew up in valued their anonymity and exclusivity, the new world is a world of more openness and has a way of seeing celebrities as real three dimensional people instead of the deities that I grew up, the Michaels and Madonnas who were larger than life and even in death, seem to be beyond this world… And in the middle of my month of vlogging, one of the legends in my life happened to pass, it’s weird to have gone through that while doing this. RIP Robin.

More than anything, it reminded me of the journal I used to keep in my teens and twenties, a self scribed documentary of sorts that capsulized the world and the way I saw it at that very moment.

So thank you for all that watched, it will stand as a record of my August 2014. I’ve just spent a half hour going through some of the videos because I lost a pair of glasses and I was looking to see when the last time I wore them. (Tortoise Shell Ray Ban’s if you want to help) & please subscribe to my youtube channel, “thedantebasco” for new web series, poems & yes vlogs… not everyday, but at least every month, maybe every week!

Life At 30,000 Feet

Posted: May 31, 2014 in Blog
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So if you follow me on any of the social media, including this one, you can see (or read…however it goes) that I’ve been traveling a lot lately… Like a lot, a lot! I’ve been pretty much out of town (town for me is LA!) every week for the last few months. Look, I’ve traveled my fair share in life, but as of late, it’s been kinda ridiculous! I feel like a traveling salesman or like George Clooney in “Up in the Air.”
Anyhow, I’m on the plane alone for another 5 hour flight, instead of my regular travel to the East Coast, I happen to be flying west, Hawaii to be exact, Maui to be even more exact. Traveling for business as usual. Now flying as much as I have been lately, turns out that I’ve watched nearly every movie offered, at least the ones I have any interest in and I look around and have a few observations… First of which, if you travel this much, it’s kinda lonely in its own way. You spend all these hours in transit next to strangers, strangers whom you have to get used to their body scents and sometimes intense perfumes. Now sometimes I can fly first class or business, but many times, the people who fly me out don’t have that in the budget, so I’m not above flying in coach. Now in LA, we’re not accustomed to using public transit on the whole, so some rules I’m not quite sure. That awkward moment of when a piece of there body is resting or touching your body for a long period of time, like if they’re sleeping or unaware. Do you quickly move or remove their body from touching yours. Or do you simply leave it and roll with it. Furthermore, I prefer the window seat… Always the window seat. 1. I enjoy the view and being in pseudo in control of the light coming in and out of my aisle, but also, I think I have a much better handle on my bladder than most and thus can usually get through a whole 6 hour flight without having to get up and thus I don’t have to repeatedly have to get up for others to use the bathroom when I’m in the aisle.
Now, I say it’s lonely up here because ultimately you’re traveling alone. I look around the plane as we’re about to take off and everyone puts on their headphones, me included (I have the nice Bose earbuds that has noise cancellation as to insure an even more solitude trip) and people kind of zone out in their thoughts or books or video games or what not.
It’s funny how we all resort back to grade school again when the meal comes out. It’s always some substandard meal, compactly assembled in little compartments. All of us are like kids at a lunch break, huddled over our shitty little lunches, racing through the “food” to get to the desert (being a hawaii flight its chocolate covered macadamia nuts), great thing about being an adult is you can now have that accompanied with an alcoholic beverage of your choice, for some reason, when I’m on planes, I always like to have a Bloody Mary… why? I’m not sure, I rarely drink them in real life, but up here… It usually seems like a good idea.
Also, on this particular flight I opted for the row with access to the emergency exit, pretty much for the extra leg room and early access to the plane. Before we take off, the chipper stewardess gives me all the instructions incase of an emergency, emergency pretty much meaning we crash or have a crash landing, yet she’ll never say the word crash. Like everyone who sits in these seats, I nod, half listening to her… I follow her hands and actions to see the levers that need to be pulled in case of an “emergency.” This lady did give me some extra info you don’t usually get, like the door weighs like 60lbs. when you unhinge it and she wondered if I could handle that. Of course I nodded like any man and was like, “No problem…” So you know, in case of an emergency, I’m down to help get as many people to safety as possible, including myself, but you know pretty much try to get those thoughts out of my mind immediately, because if you think about all that too long while sitting on this plane, 30,000 feet in the air, you can go into a pretty dark place. I wonder how many people have sat in these emergency exit seats and then some emergency happened and they got totally shell shocked and couldn’t perform any of the duties they promised they would do…
Well, now I’m rambling… See I’m sitting in this emergency row with all my extra leg room and lucky enough to have no one sitting next to me, so I can really spread out, however, now there is definitely no chance for any conversation on this long bus ride in the sky. The movies are not an option for me. Being that we’re flying over the Pacific Ocean, there’s no wifi, so no mindless web surfing. I go back and forth from reading my book (still reading “Ready Player 1” and it’s awesome, but I have to put it down every half hour or so) and speaking of people sitting next to you, that whole Hollywood concept of a hot chick sitting next to you on your plane flights, it doesn’t happen to me much and I fly a lot… I wonder what the actual statistics of all that is.
So instead of all that… I’m talking to you guys. I’m writing this blog offline to be posted when I land. It reminds me I have to write more, mostly because I enjoy it… I mean, I think a lot about a lot of things, I talk a fair amount with a bunch of different people, but to sit and just write it out for one reason or another is enjoyable to me.
If you’re reading this, thank you for reading, maybe someday we’ll sit in seats next to each other on a plane and keep each other company while in transit.

Thoughts While Traveling… New York.

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Blog

So as I travel around this country… and this world, I always get this feeling, or have this thought… that I’m walking around some Hollywood set filled with extras and store fronts filled with props and what not of life going on. It’s always amazing for me to see a whole city of people… millions upon millions of people… who don’t give one second of thought about what’s going on in LA.
See, I’m from LA, and well, you may be from whatever city you’re from, but sometimes, being where we’re from, we sometimes get caught up that our city and our world, or just us, as individuals are the center of the universe… There’s nothing like traveling and getting lost in the sea of people, a new surrounding, landscape, not comfortable to you and witnessing people, literally not giving a shit about any of the happenings of where you call home.
Refreshing really… Sometimes I get caught up so much in what I’m trying to accomplish for myself and my family and friends, its great sometimes to just see some people in the middle of the night, laughing, in the lower East Side, Village, laughing, randomly dribbling a basketball somebody pulled out of someones trunk of the car and others exclaiming what they go to do next time they get on the court. Laughs and smiles… Wearing winter coats and scarves they actually need to use to keep warm, not just some accessory some Los Angelino, like myself would wear to accentuate an outfit, but an actual necessary article of clothing to protect them from the harsh wind that cuts through thin collars.
Traveling… Sometimes it’s good to be introspective and take stock of who you are and other times it’s good to get out of your space to see the world move and breathe on its own… at least it’s good for me.

As winter melts into spring… and I know, I live in LA so not much snow here. But recently, I was in the Toronto area, in the Great North… Canadia, and my thought as school let out and I saw the buses open the doors to elementary school kids walking around in subzero weather, was that all these kids are tougher than almost everyone in Los Angeles, for conditions like this would surely shut this city down. But as we get close to time miraculously jumping forward making our days longer, warmer, I’m particularly looking forward to it this year. I don’t know… it’s Spring, a rebirth for everyone and I like to think that anything is possible. I guess, anything is always possible in this town, where people are discovered everyday, overnight sensations happen some nights and great comebacks, well, comeback with a bang! But somehow in Spring it feels even more possible, it’s like Mother Earth herself is giving us a little help. So, I’m not ashamed to say as Spring comes… I’m hopeful. Excited to see what’s around the next corner, the longer days inspire me to work out a little more, jump on the back of my motorcycle, spend more time outdoors and maybe all the hard work done in the cold of winter will sprout the new life in the Spring… I would say this feeling is worth the hour less of sleep I’ll lose in the morning.