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Fashion Sense: Dressy Sneakers

Posted: January 19, 2016 in Fashion Sense


For all the sneaker heads like myself, something happened… We grew up. No matter how fresh your Jordan’s are, they just don’t look good in you skinny jeans. I love shoes, I always have, maybe because I grew up in the hip hop generation where fresh kept sneakers were an extension of your personality or maybe because I’m Filipino and I have Imelda Marcos syndrome  of owning too many shoes coursing through my veins. Shoes have always been an important part of my life.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with these particular hybrid kind of shoes. These Cole Haan’s… Now I know people are always thinking bloggers will only write about products that are sponsored or what not, and I do recieve my share of swag, but this post is unattached to any of that, they didn’t send me shoes, (although I would not be opposed to that) this is just me falling in love with a product, as I do sometimes and then obsessively going too far by buying more pairs of shoes than any one individual needs.
The skinny of it all is, we love wearing sneakers, Air Max’s, Jordan’s, Air Force 1’s, not just for the style, but because they’re comfortable, I mean they’re sneakers. And although it’s become the norm to wear sneakers in almost any outfit, as we’ve grown up, our styles have gotten a little more mature and so has our shoe game. The great thing about these shoes are they are dressy on the top side, wing tipped, suede or leather and on the bottoms are like Nike running shoes, the Lunar soles or the Zero Grands.
Not only do they look good, there are so many color combinations which again appeal to the hip hop fashionista in me, I can get funky with my style and add a little flair to my look. Cole Haan is not the only brand dealing in these upscale sneakers, my other favorite brands in this space are Clay and Common Projects.
So as this part of my blog is just a conversation for every day guys and fashion, I say to step up your shoe game with this new wave of dressy sneakers.

So I haven’t posted a fashion blog in awhile but we’re in the middle of summer and I had to post this. Recently I fell in love with packable jacket, it the ideal hoodie or jacket for these summer months. I bought my first one this year at the Columbia store (shout out to Lori! thanks for hooking me up!) The great thing about jackets like this are they are light weight, all you really need for summer, as I’ve been traveling around in places like Tampa, a little rain may fall and they’re perfect for a light rain coat too. Now the other great thing is when you’re not using them it folds down into its one pocket! If you see me walking around LA, you’ll probably catch me with one of my jackets hooked on the carabiner on my hip, ready to come out when the times right. Just a little piece of cool, functional fashion…

Just a little fashion tip for the fellas…

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Collar Shirts…

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Fashion Sense
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I was just thinking… How many days can I go in a row wearing collar shirts instead of a t-shirt? It’s like, when I walk around LA everyone is so casual… it’s like everyone is wearing t-shirts and jeans… I’m talking EVERYBODY! (I’m really talking about guys) I just feel, now as a grown up I want to get my shirt game up, I don’t want to be so casual and informal about life… I want to be able to dress up a little more in life, without having to do it for some event or what not.

I look at pictures from the past of people that I look up to and see them in their everyday life and I see all this great fashion and look, whether it be skinny ties and tailored suits of the Rat Pack or just the simple elegance of Cary Grant. Even just looking at pictures from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s… they are just great images of a fashionable American Culture. I fear we’ll look back on this time as a whole generation walking around in somewhat witty graphic t-shirts and over priced denim.

I just want to look better than that… or maybe I’m just growing up.

So headphones have been in style for awhile now… From the picture, you can probably see I have a bunch. Why do I have a lot of them? The real reason is… there is no reason. It’s funny, I love accessories, as I’m sure a bunch of guys do, yet we don’t have a lot of things to buy. You shouldn’t O.D. on jewelry, though some of us do. You can only buy so many belts and scarfs (which you can’t wear that often) and sometime we just find something new that comes into fashion and we end up buying them, maybe more then we need to sometimes. Sure, yeah, they’re functional, we all have smart phones these days and we can use them but… I definitely don’t use them as much as they’re price tags would make you think you would. Ok… If you’re from New York or a metropolitan city, and you spend your time trooping around town on and off buses and trains… yeah, then I think it’s all worth it… But I live in LA, I spend my time trooping around town in the atmosphere and privacy of my car (which has a better stereo system then any headphones) and find my self rarely using my expensive trendy headphon
All that being said, I’ll give you a quick review on the favoriteones I have:es. When I get home, again, I have a great home stereo system and never put on these damned headphones… So, when do I use them? When I’m working out at the gym, sometimes when I’m getting into a zone before an audition, when I’m playing poker (to look cool and look like a pro) and they spend most the time chilling in my house looking cool by themselves. Certainly I use them enough to have one pair, but the I admit, I’m a bit having the four or five pairs I currently have.

Beats by Dre: Sound is good, a lot of bass, great for hip hop, the most popular of all headphones right now, (matter fact mine got stolen from a valet) yet, for some reason they feel cheap. Come to think of it, the ear part fell apart a few times and I had to put them pack in myself.

V-Moda: I really love these headphones, great sound, even more important, they have a great feel, they are well made, just feel solid. Plus they give you a bunch of stuff. A hard carrying case and even extra headphone chords. Also, their cords are wrapped in nylon material, which I prefer to rubber.

Skull Candy Aviators: Very cool retro looking headphones, also great sound, not as bass drivin as the the Beats, but a real clean sound. I love the look, yet I would never work out in them, also cord isn’t removable like the other headphones, could easily get damaged.

That’s what I think, you probably only need one pair of really dope headphones, I should hook my brothers or cousins with the extras I have… Sometimes it’s trial and era when you’r trying look good.

I know this is the fashion post in my blog and I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m writing about scooters. We’ll let me begin with telling you that I love motorcycles. Like most kids with protective mothers, I was always warned to never ride them, but growing up watching Evel Kneivel and Fonzy on “Happy Days,” I just always wanted to ride a motorcycle.

I think like most boys, from the first time you learn to ride a bicycle, the idea of jumping on the back of a motorcycle is instant. I never got to ride one due to my mom, but when I booked a film called, “Biker Boys,” we’ll… I had to learn to ride one, I had to, it was part of my job!

Now, I own motorcycles, I’ve owned a handful of them over the years… And today I own two. I have a custom Harley Davidson and a 1979 vintage Vespa P125x. I do love my Harley but around town and everyday riding, I must admit, I’m often seen riding around the streets of LA on my Vespa. Matte black, never washed, race number on the side and a few stickers posted about representing the things in this world that I like.

Although, the Vespa isn’t the biggest  and baddest motorcycle out there, the thing I love most about it is it’s all about style… your personal style and that’s why I put it in my fashion blog. The history of the Vespa goes back to the Mods and their fashion somehow connects with the hipsters of today. Just riding on a Vespa is somewhat romantic. I imagine I have the same feeling riding around as some young Italians have riding around a Mediterranean village somewhere…

So as far as fashion goes, it’s all about self expression and that’s what Vespa has become. You can pick up a Vintage Vespa for pretty cheap, get it running, it’s such a simple engine, then make it yours, paint it the way you want and add all the stickers on it you like, that represent you. I live in LA, I hope more people start riding around on motorcycles and scooters, save gas and turn this town into a more stylish place.


So lately I’ve been loving Swatches! Yeah, Swatch watches! About a year ago or so I saw a Swatch store in the mall and ended up walking into it, I was wondering who wears Swatches anymore. But upon walking in the store, it all took me back to junior high when all I wanted in the world was the Swatch watch with the mirror face, just so I can show it off at school on Monday… They didn’t have that watch anymore but I did walk out with a dope piece. The deal is this, I have other watches and some pretty expensive, but Swatches are fun and you can collect them without going broke! Their style is still dope… and it has Swiss timing, which is still great quality for watches. They got crazy colors as well as designs done by popular artist. And my favorite gift to give today is a Swatch… It’s not too expensive of a gift and in the end it’s a watch. I love when people wearing their Rolex’s and Tag’s and look at me when I’m wearing one of my Swatches and they’re like, “What kind of watch is that?” and when I tell them it’s a Swatch, they bug out.

So people often tell me I have good style, you may think so or not, but I do love fashion. I attribute that to growing up and living with my aunts, Bernadette and Caroline, my mom’s sisters that were just two years older then me. They always had Vogues and Cosmos around the house and I would flip through every page, literally… from cover to cover. I mean, I loved super models (Christy Turlington was my favorite, probably still is) and somehow all that fashion seeped into my brain. So, I just want to blog about what I think about fashion every now and then and when I do, I decided to call these post, “Fashion Sense.”

That all being said, this is my first post about it all. Fanny packs… I know, it’s kinda funny and controversial actually, because of the nerdy stigma it has on it. But lately I’ve been digging them. There’s a few things a play here and why I started rocking them lately. First is function, I mean, as style would have it our jeans have gotten tighter and that means less pocket space. The baggy jeans of the 90’s are out and skinny jeans are in and ironically at the same time as all this is going on our cell phones got bigger, way bigger. Our cell phones became smartphones, more or less computers in our pockets, and not only that, now we have tablets that we toting around, let alone if you’re like me and you love taking pictures and your camera phone isn’t good enough (I don’t care if have an iPhone, nothing compares to taking pictures with a nice camera, I shoot with the Sony Nex 5n) we’ve got a lot of gear to carry around. And a bulky phone protruding from your skinny jeans is just not sexy… The other thing is for guys, we don’t have a lot of ways to accessorize, and maybe it’s just me, it’s one of those small ways to show a little more of your personality. So in the picture are two of my favorite ones of recent, the Herschel bag, which contrary to popular belief is not purple, it’s actually “eggplant,” and the Gucci, which I’m not always big on rocking major labels, but was a gift from my girl and it’s grown on me. My choice for getting a bag is that it can hold my camera and tablet and that it looks good. So… go out there rock your fanny pack with pride, join the Fanny Pack Gang, matter fact, post some pics of you sporting one here!