Dante Basco Speaks…

Upcoming Appearances

February 13th: Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL

March 26th: University of Washington in Tacoma, WA

March 27th: Emerson College in Boston, MA

April 7th: Hook screening at Alamo Draft House in Phoenix, AZ

April 13th – 15th: El Paso Comic Con, El Paso, TX

April 28th: Belmont Ridge Middle School “Rivercon” in Lansdowne, VA

May 25th – 27th: Comicpalooza in Houston, TX


To book personal appearances and convention panels, please contact: jeff@celebritytalentbooking.com

To book university appearance keynote speaking or poetry performance, please contact: rufio.inc@gmail.com

Dante Basco travels throughout the country speaking at colleges and high schools.

  • He tells his story, from being a breakdancer in the streets of San Francisco to becoming a veteran actor in the Entertainment industry, with a career that spans over 25 years including iconic characters such as Rufio, the leader of the Lost Boys in Steven Spielberg’s, “Hook,” and Prince Zuko from Nickelodeon’s, “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”
  • Discusses his journey on becoming an Asian American icon. He has become one of the most recognizable actors of his generation and talks with Asian American groups and clubs about the state of the community and how to overcome adversity, especially in an industry in which Asian Americans are grossly under represented.
  • Performs poetry from his book, “Dante’s Poetry Lounge“, and explains how he created one of the most popular spoken word venues in the country, “DPL-Da Poetry Lounge.” Also how he, along with his group, helps bring back the poetry scene to Los Angeles in the 1990’s.
  • Explains the creation of his Asian American production Kinetic Films. A digital platform that creates and distributes Asian American/Pacific Islander movies. Its debut film, “Hang Loose,” stars Dante Basco with Kevin Wu (Youtube star KevJumba), a movie that Dante also co-wrote and produced.

Dante also travels around the world to speak at panels and make personal appearances at conventions supporting several different fandoms:

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Homestuck
  • Fantasy & Sci-Fi


  1. I knew when I had heard Zuko’s voice in Avatar that you were someone whom I had heard before and now I know… You were the Rufio in Hook!!!
    I wanna a be like you.(A bit.) 😉

    • dantebasco says:

      good ear… and cool name. in my family, all the boys have “D” names. dante, darion, derek, dion… “draken”… i can dig that.

      • Draken Kartikay Kaul says:

        “Draken” ain’t my name. It’s my “Title”. 🙂
        What we give to every family member other than the official names.
        And it is the person himself who get’s to chose whatever title he likes at the age of 15 or maybe earlier like 13.

  2. Millicent says:

    Dear Mr. Basco,

    This is the dork from UCR (University of California Riverside) at your performance last Wednesday with the camera phone. I tried contacting you on Tumblr and Twitter, but failed in a most epic of ways. I wanted to apologize for not finishing my drawing for you, and I just wanted to know if you would like me to make it up to you. Your performance was wonderful by the way and all my friends who couldn’t make it hate me now. *Azula laugh* I hope to hear from you soon, a huge fan.

  3. dramaticpaws says:

    you’re so very cool
    My Goal: one day I will get to go to one of your poetry readings

  4. Anessa McElwain says:

    I wish there were more conventions in Kentucky, maybe then I could have a chance to meet you one day. It was be awesome to thank you in person, but this will have to do. Thank you Dante for being so good at what you do. Avatar the Last Airbender is hands down my favorite cartoon series ever. Not only does it have a beautiful art style and wonderful story, but the characters are full of life. DiMartino and Konietzko have created something memorable and great; I plan on showing it to my kids someday. Zuko in particular was a favorite of mine. He had one of the best character developments I’ve ever seen in a series. Your portrayal of him was amazing, and I want to thank you for helping make my childhood awesome for your great voice acting and acting in general.

  5. Katie says:

    I was pretty sad that you weren’t also the live action Zuko for the film. That being said, it probably would’ve taken your career down a peg. (Someone needs to remake that movie…like right now.)

  6. Amy says:

    Dante…Had you seen Robin since filming Hook with him?

  7. Zara Foxx says:

    I am a fan of the avatar series, and you give me faith in the show to continue being awesome. I remember the first time i went on vacation, i saw you in hawaii filming and i was stunned in awe. couldn’t believe it in all honesty.

    if i was running any more conferences i would find a reason for you to be a presenter, however i am not, so please keep doing what you do best. your a champ!!

  8. Rian Klessig says:

    Dear Mr. Basco

    I love that comedy skit you did with Doug Walker, especially the ‘flame war’ with the youtube comments. You are an incredible talent in both drama and comedy.

    Are you having another Birthday party at Nirvana Tea and herbs this year? I’d love to go if it’s at all possible.

    Also, what anime are you watching right now?

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