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I just want thank everyone who read my last blog entry. When I wrote it, I had no idea this many people would see it. There’s a good amount of people that follow me, but the entry about “The Last Airbender” really caught fire and spread beyond my blog. I was at an event last weekend and got into a conversation with a few people who happen to have read it. Its somewhat surreal in the sense, I’ve never really been a political person, yet that last blog was a pretty big political statement, in the realm of “Hollywood” anyway. In truth, I’ve always been an actor who wants to do what I do best… and that’s work, by acting in meaningful parts.

I’ve always thought of myself as an actor first and only realized myself as an “ethnic” actor as I’ve grown up in the industry and experienced the lack of parts I was being able to play. My goal is always to work, but if I can in someway help widen the eye of “Hollywood” film making to include the stories and faces of everyone and not be so focused on one group or another’s perspective… I’m down for that.

Thank you again for all the fan’s who wanted to see me in the film, Prince Zuko will always be a special character to me and I’m sure Dev did a great job to help bring him to life. For all those who commented on the blog and continue to, thank you… Whether we agreed or not, I think this dialogue needs to happen, the more this comes up, the more the chance actual change can happen.