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Last weekend in Plovdiv…

Posted: April 11, 2015 in Blog
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I’m fortunate in my career to have the opportunity travel quite a lot, around my own country and the world abroad. Unfortunately, I travel for work and thus, working most of the time I’m in these various locations. Some friends and family think I’m vacationing, but most of the times I’m working twelve hour days or more and that leaves little time to really just explore. I do my best to schedule time to try to experience these amazing places. Many times I’ll spend an afternoon or evening with headphones on just wondering the streets of a new city or town, sometimes you’re lucky to find yourself with a cool new crew and we can experience things together. My cast mates on this film all quickly bonded and have become a family feeling, so on a shared day off, a family field trip seemed like the perfect thing to do. Under the tutelage of our elder cast member Stephen Hogan, a proper Irishman, he thought we should get some history in and we traveled an hour and a half out of town to see the ancient town of Plovdiv.

We piled in a van and we rolled around this amazing city with the charming “Old Town,” section being explained to us on a 2 hour walking tour. Somewhat hung over and sleep deprived from the night before of dancing and drinking in Sofia, I was a bit reluctant, but then thought… “When the hell am I ever going to do this again?” And I was so happy I was able to go and see this new world. It was like walking around the some theme park like Disneyland… the ancient civilization attraction… except, this is real and these buildings and churches and cobble stoned streets were hundreds, if not thousands of years old.

And it’s great to step out of this Hollywood world to to see that, as we do in our little city, and I’m sure that everyone does, think the world revolves around our own little dramas that go on in our town. It’s nice to see that cities and civilizations  existed and still do exist that don’t even know we’re alive. They’ve been here long before we were around and will most likely be here far after us and our careers and our dramas are done…