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What a night! I just got home from a crazy dope meeting. AJ Rafael came to meet me at Laurel Tavern (great food by the way), to discuss and help me with, what I guess I can say is my online presence. For those of you that read my blog, you know that I don’t blog that much, or at least with any consistency and I haven’t even logged onto my youtube page in forever… not even sure if I remember the password (I’m going to have to figure that out).

But I just had a 4 hour talk with AJ and my sister Arianna about this whole online thing… blogs, youtube, twitter. Later we were joined by Kevin Wu (who some may know as “kevjumba”) and they just blew my mind. The conversation started out as one thing, helping me establish my self more online which will help promote anything and everything I do as an artist and in business, to we started discussing the amazingness of what’s really going on online, how they created their online world, which consist of millions of “hits” and “followers”. They really educated me on the importance of what the internet has become. I mean, we all know how important it is, but we all don’t use it the same way. It’s really crazy, just in the short time between my generation and their generation I can really see the difference of how we view the internet. What do I really do on the internet… shop, look for movie times, google something. They’re communicating… and not just to their friends on facebook, no, their communicating to the masses… I mean, seriously, they have millions of people who watch them and follow what they do. It’s one thing to know that cats are getting millions of hits on youtube and its another thing to be sitting in front of two dudes that are doing it.

What can I say… they guys really taught me a lot tonight and just blew my mind. More then all that, they really inspired me. The conversation went on and we talked about the new generation of Asian-American artists and where we all stand and what we can do in the future. If these are the cats that are coming from this new generation, I can’t wait to see all they can achieve and I’m definitely excited to work with them.

I hope the world is ready, because its about to be our time…