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Here’s my new show, “Filthy Casual.” It’s really simple, I learn to play all these games that we’ve all been hearing about, but really have no idea what they are all about! I, like most people out there, grew up with a love for video games, I had the Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, Nintendo, PS3 and as I grew up, I found myself not having a lot of time to play. They’re were other games I found myself playing, the arduous task of building a career and of course, the chasing of women around this Hollywood town.

Somehow I’ve been lucky to make a full circle in life and now, through this little show, I can indulge myself in one of my adolescent passions, video games! Now, I’ve always been aware of new games out there, even been able to voice some characters in a few. But now, I get to learn about all the games I’ve missed and try some of the brand new ones.

So join me in learning these new games, maybe some of you will pick up some of these games yourself… or just laugh at me trying to figure out what some of the new kids are just doing effortlessly…

Ps… for those who don’t understand the title of the show, gamers call people that don’t play games that often or well (like me), “casuals”… I’m the Filthy Casual in this case, which was also a popular meme. Shout out to my cousin Nick who create this show for me and directs the episodes.

As this year set off, one of my goals is to do more videos for my channel and write more in my blog. Here is on of the new video series I’m doing, just changing up the way I do vlogs. I like to shoot while I travel around the country talking at colleges or cons, but while I’m in town, I feel a little silly just shooting my regular, everyday life… So I came up with the idea to just do some highlights with things I’ve really liked in the last month.

Now, I’m a shopper… So I buy things, maybe too many things throughout the month. But I figure, the things I like, I’ll let you all know about it. But besides shopping, there are other things I fall in love with, movies, books… socks! I don’t know, just a fun way to look at life I guess and chill way for me to look back at the last month. Also, it’s not just all about me, I hope anyone out there reading or watching, leave me suggestions for new things to try out because I have to admit that I am infinitely curious and love to try new things or discover classic things. Anyhow, here’s the first episode… This is what I dug in January.