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Here is a continuation of my “Hollywood Stories,” series for my YouTube channel. It’s actually a lot of fun to look back and think about things I’ve done and projects I’ve been apart of. It’s the end of the year and I often get introspective at this time of year, all the things that happened this year and all the plans for next year.

There are so many fans of ATLA and looking back, I honestly didn’t know that this project was going to become the phenomenon it became. I mean, Nickelodeon was doing it, up to that point, “Sponge Bob Square Pants,” was what they were known for in animation, at least to me and this seemed so left field. On top of that, I’m fairly new to the animation world and auditioning and booking this, I just counted myself lucky to book another job.

But then something happened… (it all changed when the Fire Nation attacked) Somewhere in the middle of the second season as I was reading through the script and really seeing where Prince Zuko was going as a character, all the possibilities of what ultimately happened with him, it quickly became evident to me I could be in the middle of playing one of the greatest characters of my career… and it’s a cartoon character.

To see the impact this show has had on the world and impact this character has had on people… including myself. Just goes to show you, you never know what’s going to happen. We plan a lot things in our careers and in our lives, sometimes they happen, sometimes they don’t… sometimes something comes out of left field impacts you and the world, in ways you could never imagined.


For all you Avatar: The Last Airbender Fans… I’m talking about to the ones who love the animated series. I just want to give you a heads up… I just recorded an episode today in which I play a character that is a big surprise… (at least it was to me) & I must say it was so great to be back in that world and seeing a bunch of the old crew, including the Director Andrea Romano, the creators Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko… I love you guys. Even seeing our sound engineer, Justin and Shannon in casting was great. Its like a family reunion. I did miss Mae Whitman and sent her a text from the sound booth.

But to the die hard fans, I don’t think you will be disappointed with the new series… I think its going to be amazing and I’m just honored to be apart of it again.

Long live the Benders from all Four Elements… but especially the Fire Nation!