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So I’m back in LA, just long enough to catch my breath and write this blog. Last weekend I got to spend time in Tampa to attend the MetroCon. Now, this was my first time at this convention and furthermore my first time in Florida!!!

First things first, the convention was top notch! Everyone who worked the con and put it together were so nice and accommodating and I was so impressed by how well it was run. (Shout out to “Morgan” who was my handler and kept me cool the whole weekend)

And that leads me to the weather!!! Wow was it hot! Well, not really that hot, but crazy humid. The kind of weather that when you step outside, you step into it… You can really feel it on your face as you walk around, and I must say my skin felt amazingly moisturized throughout the weekend.

And I thought, how can people cosplay in weather like this… Which brings me to the fans! Wow, everyone was pretty amazing. So many great costumes throughout the weekend, I was just able to post a few pics. I really was in a great mood all weekend because of you guys. Every panel I did was well attended and had some great moments. (Some we can’t talk about, if you weren’t there you missed it! You know what the say, “What happens at the con, stays at the con.) But literally, everyone I met came with so much enthusiasm, love and respect… it was just a cool weekend. I know when I signed, it got long sometimes, but you guys stuck it out and so did I. (I do have to apologies to “Tessa” for spelling her name wrong on her art-piece, it was the end of the day and I messed up… I owe you.)

And the other actors I got to hang out with over the weekend were just top notch! Shout out to my Avatar family that was there, Janet Varney and Phil Lamarr. Of course I work with Varney her show Korra, as she plays Korra herself. But what many people didn’t realize is Phil and I go way back. We actually did a show together named, “Hangin With Mr. Cooper,” back in the 90’s. Nobody asked a question about that one, that might have been too old school for some of you. And meeting new friends is always great, my man, DC Douglas and Brittney Korbowski, you two were wonderful to hang with.

So, Tampa, what can I say… can’t wait to get back. Thanks MetroCon for bringing me out…