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4:07pm New Year’s Eve
It’s an unexpectedly cold day in LA on this last day of the year. It’s Wednesday and it’s somehow in the 50’s, which is terribly cold for Los Angelenos and spent the day getting a last workout in with my brothers, a round of racquetball (in which I lost every game) and now sitting here in a hipster cool barber shop, wanting to get crispy clean for tonight’s festivities and to usher in the new year come morning, but it seems that many share in need to look their best on the last day so the wait is nearly an hour long. It’s ok, because it’s now given me time to look out the window and see the soft winter sun slowly set amongst the palm trees and reflect about the year.
To a certain degree, the year has been a blur, so much time on the road this last year. Some of the things I recall off the bat, getting back to Melbourne, I love Australia! Whenever I get an opportunity, I jump at the chance. I was in two weddings this year, (neither of which were my own) but I had the pleasure to be apart of two of my best friend’s weddings, I also got to write two original poems, one for each event. 

Now they’re calling me for my haircut, guess they lied a bit on that hour wait… in any case, talk later.

3:47pm New Years Day
So I wanted to write some epic end of the year blog yesterday, but obviously that didn’t happen. I’m here now sitting at the airport in LA writing this blogpost on my blackberry. It was just yesterday when I started writing, but after new years, I feel less wanting to look back and more a desire to look forward. One of my goals is to write more, particularly on this blog. 
I actually love writing, not sure if I’m the best at it, but I do know I see the world in a certain way and I have all these thoughts, sometimes I get to discuss them with friends and family or get to write them out in a poem, but sometimes it’s just great to have the conversation with myself and put them down on paper… (or on this computer screen) and maybe get a conversation started with those out there reading. 
So as I don’t really ever make new year’s resolutions, but I guess one would be to write more…
So expect more posts, some maybe more important than others, some may be random thoughts. But if you’re taking any time out of your day to sit and read this, I figure it’s like us having a conversation, so thank you… & have a happy new year.