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It’s been busy & I haven’t been able to write, but I have a little down time & I figured I’d just check in. Let me describe to you where I’m at… Sitting under a tent in the middle of Waikiki beach surrounded by movie cameras & equipment, sun beaming down on a few miles of sand and plenty of ladies laying in the sun just soaking it in. I have to stop for a second and just make sense of it all. I was talking just a bit ago to Kevin (KevJumba) & Ben (Benjamin Arthur), who we all wrote the script together. It was just a few weeks ago we were sitting in my living room, pounding out ideas and putting them in the script & here we are shooting them on the beach in Hawaii… Its really kind of crazy.

There’s a bunch of folks working with us from our last crew who shot “Paradise Broken,” of course my director & partner, James Sereno, along with co-director Ryan Kawamoto.

It truly is a beautiful day at the beach, we just happen to be working… Yet, no real time to congratulate ourselves, were only half way done.