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So I’m doing this play… Well, I wrote this play and I finally decided to do it. I actually got inspired to do it… I wrote this for me and my friends and one of my friends has been going through a rough time for the last few months and I thought working together on this project would be therapeutic and a good thing for both of us. Also, recently I became friends with Beau Sia, I’ve loved and respected his work for years, but recently we actually became friends and this was a great first project for us to work on together.

The thing about it is, I haven’t been onstage for awhile, I did do a play with East West Players a few years back and I actually wrote this play in their writing program, but to get back in shape (acting wise) to get back onstage… There’s always a bit of nervousness when it comes to that. Also, to top that, I wrote this play, so it means a lot to me.

But something happens when you start rehearsing, something really magical… You start to do the work… And when I say the work, I mean you get into it with other actors and the director, you start to investigate the material and start to speak the words and breathe life into these characters… Something magical happens, at least it does to me… I remember why I’m an actor.

I do love rehearsing, there’s a certain joy in working out the character and trying to fix the so called problems. I mean, I wrote the play and as a group we’re trying to figure out what it all means. The crazy thing is sometimes (and when I say sometimes, I mean often) the director or one of the cast explain something new they understood in the text, something their character is trying to say or a truth they uncovered… I often just nod my head as if I meant to write that, when in actuality, I am amazed that there are deeper levels in certain characters that I’ve ever imagined, so I just nod and listen.

This play, you know, sometimes you just have to do somethings. I don’t know what will come of this… We never know as artist what will happen once we create something. I just know that this is one of those project that no is doing for money, I don’t even know how many people will see this play… I just know it’s important while we’re here now, doing the work and actors at play doing a play. I mean, we’re all here in Hollywood, everyone trying to make a name for themselves and fortune while they’re at it. But at times like this, projects like this, it gets me back to the basics of how it all started, how I started… how this whole town started. A handful of actors, under the watchful eye of a director, on a stage… just acting their asses off.

Now, the invite is here on this blog, if you’re in LA, you’re welcomed to be one of the few eyes that will witness what we’ve put together… I hope there will be more shows in the future, but you never know… In any case, it’ll never be like the one going up that night… It is theatre, it happens in the moment, then it’s gone.