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So lately I’ve been loving Swatches! Yeah, Swatch watches! About a year ago or so I saw a Swatch store in the mall and ended up walking into it, I was wondering who wears Swatches anymore. But upon walking in the store, it all took me back to junior high when all I wanted in the world was the Swatch watch with the mirror face, just so I can show it off at school on Monday… They didn’t have that watch anymore but I did walk out with a dope piece. The deal is this, I have other watches and some pretty expensive, but Swatches are fun and you can collect them without going broke! Their style is still dope… and it has Swiss timing, which is still great quality for watches. They got crazy colors as well as designs done by popular artist. And my favorite gift to give today is a Swatch… It’s not too expensive of a gift and in the end it’s a watch. I love when people wearing their Rolex’s and Tag’s and look at me when I’m wearing one of my Swatches and they’re like, “What kind of watch is that?” and when I tell them it’s a Swatch, they bug out.