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Comic Con has been a buzz word for years now, a place where it looks like comic books, super hero movies and Halloween collide in a weekend for grown up to get back to the kid in themselves… I’ve been fortunate to fall into this world due to the popularity of some of the characters I’ve played in my career and here is the behind the scene looks of one of my latest outings in Seattle!

End of Summer…

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Blog
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Every year after my birthday I always get that feeling, somber, almost melancholy feeling in the pit of my gut, like the weather is still warm, but the day slows down and as I walk around the town I reminded it’s the end of Summer. Makes me think of all the fun we had at the beach and the carefree days we spent doing… well, actually doing nothing and loving every moment.
Well, it’s been busy Summer this year, traveling around the country, even got to Australia (shout out to Melbourne, even though it was winter when I was down there) working, making appearances, speaking at colleges and even got to see my close friends get married, this year’s was a good one.
See, Summer is my favorite time of the year, born in the Summer and always been a Summer baby and as the Summer ends, I can’t lie and say that it doesn’t leave me with a little sadness.
But there is always things to look forward to, like the Fall, I mean, as sexy as Summer is, I’ve always thought of Fall as being romantic, so I say bring it on… Plus there’s football. Guess I’m just an optimist, always looking on the bright side, or maybe it’s my constant Summer State of mind… Hope you guys had a good one too.
Farewell Summer.


So this last month I gave myself a challenge to vlog everyday for the month of August. First, why did I do this? Well, lately I’ve been doing a lot of media online, collaborating with some great artist from the new digital world, the likes of KevJumba, AJ Rafael, the Elder Statesmen, Mike Capes from “Hacks of Life.” And this whole new world became open for me, recently signed up with Maker Studios and I’ve decided to stop dabbling in this new digital world and really jump in and start to create some new content for any and all out there watching…

Challenging myself to vlog for a month was scary. The Hollywood I grew up in valued their anonymity and exclusivity, the new world is a world of more openness and has a way of seeing celebrities as real three dimensional people instead of the deities that I grew up, the Michaels and Madonnas who were larger than life and even in death, seem to be beyond this world… And in the middle of my month of vlogging, one of the legends in my life happened to pass, it’s weird to have gone through that while doing this. RIP Robin.

More than anything, it reminded me of the journal I used to keep in my teens and twenties, a self scribed documentary of sorts that capsulized the world and the way I saw it at that very moment.

So thank you for all that watched, it will stand as a record of my August 2014. I’ve just spent a half hour going through some of the videos because I lost a pair of glasses and I was looking to see when the last time I wore them. (Tortoise Shell Ray Ban’s if you want to help) & please subscribe to my youtube channel, “thedantebasco” for new web series, poems & yes vlogs… not everyday, but at least every month, maybe every week!

It's my party & I can COSPLAY if I want to!!!

If you’re in LA, you’re invited to my birthday this weekend! Come and rep your fandom!

So I’m back in LA, just long enough to catch my breath and write this blog. Last weekend I got to spend time in Tampa to attend the MetroCon. Now, this was my first time at this convention and furthermore my first time in Florida!!!

First things first, the convention was top notch! Everyone who worked the con and put it together were so nice and accommodating and I was so impressed by how well it was run. (Shout out to “Morgan” who was my handler and kept me cool the whole weekend)

And that leads me to the weather!!! Wow was it hot! Well, not really that hot, but crazy humid. The kind of weather that when you step outside, you step into it… You can really feel it on your face as you walk around, and I must say my skin felt amazingly moisturized throughout the weekend.

And I thought, how can people cosplay in weather like this… Which brings me to the fans! Wow, everyone was pretty amazing. So many great costumes throughout the weekend, I was just able to post a few pics. I really was in a great mood all weekend because of you guys. Every panel I did was well attended and had some great moments. (Some we can’t talk about, if you weren’t there you missed it! You know what the say, “What happens at the con, stays at the con.) But literally, everyone I met came with so much enthusiasm, love and respect… it was just a cool weekend. I know when I signed, it got long sometimes, but you guys stuck it out and so did I. (I do have to apologies to “Tessa” for spelling her name wrong on her art-piece, it was the end of the day and I messed up… I owe you.)

And the other actors I got to hang out with over the weekend were just top notch! Shout out to my Avatar family that was there, Janet Varney and Phil Lamarr. Of course I work with Varney her show Korra, as she plays Korra herself. But what many people didn’t realize is Phil and I go way back. We actually did a show together named, “Hangin With Mr. Cooper,” back in the 90’s. Nobody asked a question about that one, that might have been too old school for some of you. And meeting new friends is always great, my man, DC Douglas and Brittney Korbowski, you two were wonderful to hang with.

So, Tampa, what can I say… can’t wait to get back. Thanks MetroCon for bringing me out…














Comic Con 2013

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Blog
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So I’m fresh back from my Comic Con experience this year and I just wanted to share some photos and thoughts for everyone that couldn’t make it this year. First and foremost, it was amazing, like every year, it’s just crazy! The amount of things going on and all the things to see, there is no possible way to see everything.

I came out early this year, Wednesday is preview night and the passes I get let us in to preview night. My friend Shihan, my partner in “Da Poetry Lounge,” is also a big toy collector and he got me hyped up to go getting exclusive toys only available at Comic Con. Now I don’t know anything about the whole “toy” game, but one thing about me is, I love learning new things and especially when people are knowledgable and passion about something, I’m totally fascinated by it. So, Shihan is telling me all about these exclusive toys and just like that… We’re off early to San Diego hit up Comic Con. Now, I do cons all over the country and different parts of the world actually and usually I’m there to do some panels, signings and “meet & greets” but this was totally different. This is the first time I got to really experience a con like this. I’m there early in the lines, just hanging out with every one, just geekin out… Finding out who likes what and why. I’d be hanging out for awhile and then the person next to me would be like, you look so familiar, they’d finally figure out who I wam and then we’d all have a mini photo shoot with others in line around me… Met some really cool people. You know, some people think that nerds are weird for geekin out over fandom stuff, but everyone geeks out over something. I mean, every sunday when all us guys are filled up in some sport bar screaming and cheering, what do you think we’re doing? Just geekin out over some NFL…

I love to just roll around the con and check out the sights, the displays are just amazing, really…

I did get to do an Avatar panel this year. (Shout out to Avatar Mom, thanks for throwing another great panel… like always, I wish we had more time) It was great to hang with Jack and Mae… Sifu Kisu was in the house as well as Dee Bradley. Also, after the panel we took a picture with all the great cosplayers.

Another great thing about Comic Con is being able to bump into friends and catching up… Actors and agents and directors and producers. Just fun seeing people outside of LA, grabbing a bite or drink and promising to make plans to hang more in the city…

I was lucky to connect with my boy, Mike Capes, who host stuff for “The Walking Dead,” online and I got to hang with that whole crew. I got talked into joining Mike on a run through the Zombie Apocalypse Escape, I was not ready for all that. I thought it was just going to be some haunted house of some sort, next thing I know, I have a camera strapped to my head, full on running through Pet Co. stadium chased by zombies, crawling over and under all kinds of traps and broken down cars and obstacles… Yo, it was crazy! I was in fully drenched in sweat breathing hard. It was pretty out of control…

I also got to do a quick hang out with some fans at a spot called Nerd HQ. A friend of mine, Steph, who use to intern for me, working this event. I wanted to see her and thought it was a cool place to meet. It was great to take a break from the madness and head to this off shoot of Comic Con that’s totally free to go to and was created by Zachary Levi (the actor who played “Chuck” on the show Chuck) Anyway, I was hanging with a handful of peeps (shout out to Mave for finding me first) We literally hung out, I bought a round of drinks and just got to know some new folks. I guess the people throwing the event found out I was there because a cute girl named Shekinah found me, she later told me, she throws the event and is Zach’s sister and that they were Rufio fans since they were young. I was whisked away to meet Zach. He was really cool and I told him how impressed I was to see what they created… Just another cool experience this year at the con.

Now another great part of Comic Con is the parties at night… I was lucky to be invited to a few. My highlight was watching Weezer perform at the Walking Dead party. The party was fun, very much in the Hollywood fashion… plenty of food, open bar, celebrities walking around… everything is free… Then great entertainment… Weezer! When they played my favorites, “Beverly Hills” and “Island In the Sun” I was elated.

So now as I’m writing this… I’m still exhausted from the last few days but tickled by all the fun we had… See you next year, Comic Con…


















A quick poem from my instagram (@rufiozuko)… People have always asked me to write a poem about “Honor,” well, here it is…

A poem called Honor, for something lost of misplaced
Etched into your consciousness like a scare upon your face
This Honor that you chase, isn’t always what you’ve thought
Matter fact, the fact that you’ve always had it is the very reason
You set out to prove it’s existence from the start.