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Okay… it’s a new year and I want to write more. Just finishing my first con for the year, I figure writing about the cons and my adventures would be a great way to continue my writing.

So… I’m on a plane right now, just boarded, flying home from North Carolina and I just got done with my first con of the year, Ichibancon. My thoughts of the con are very pleasant. This is the third con I’ve done with this con group in the last 6 months or so, starting with Colossal Con in Ohio, to Colossal Con East on Pennsylvania and ending up in North Carolina.

Such a great group of folks that I feel really know and like each other, really makes the Con go smoothly. I have to give a big shout out to Sharon who was my handler for all three cons and she took great care of me.

My big memory of this con is getting to hang with Vic Mignona. He has a lot of fans all over the world and throughout the Con scene and we’ve done a handful of cons together, but being this was a smaller con, we were two of the headline guest you can say and we got the chance to hang together a lot. This included smoking cigars, (thanks Vic for always having one for me) and one night singing karaoke.

Now Vic is a great singer, so when he went up, just us a small group of the organizers in the middle of the night in the green room. So you must understand, this wasn’t a big performance on a panel or anything, really just a group of us hanging out, some having drinks… everyone having laughs. Vic did some Journey stuff and I rap/sang through some Sublime. But then Vic brought me back in the mic to do a duet and we did “Endless Love” together… it was classic, he did the Lional Richie part and I did the Diana Ross part. I’m sure someone has that footage.

And I got to meet some great fans. There was a lot of Homestucks out here in this particular con, and being a Homestuck myself, it’s nice see them back in full force. I had two panels and they were amazing, really. First was my poetry panel, I love getting to share my love for poetry, but I also love getting con goers onstage to share their poems and we got to talk about them a bit this time, so I had a great time with that. Then I had a long 2 hour panel. For those that never been to a con, that means, it’s basically me, on a stage for two hours, just hanging with folks answering questions. That could be hard sometimes… but the House was pretty packed and y’all hung in there with me for the whole time. I personally got hungry and ended up ordering pizza for myself and everyone. (Well I got 6 large pizzas and good amount of folks for a slice) That was pretty memorable. There’s clips of the weekend panels and signings on my twitch channel.

But yeah… the year has begun. I’ve been out here in North Carolina, it was fun and I needed it in a lot of ways, getting away from madness in LA.

One of my goals of the new year is to write more and that means more blogging…

  1. laurenlola says:

    I’m glad to hear that you had a good time. I look forward to seeing more writing from you this year.

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