Comic Con has been a buzz word for years now, a place where it looks like comic books, super hero movies and Halloween collide in a weekend for grown up to get back to the kid in themselves… I’ve been fortunate to fall into this world due to the popularity of some of the characters I’ve played in my career and here is the behind the scene looks of one of my latest outings in Seattle!

i’m caught up! here’s a quick little fun poem i wrote earlier… i just landed in seattle, let’s see what inspires me while i’m here!

still catching up on my 3030 Poetry Writing Month Challenge…

April 5th

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ummm… yeah, fell asleep last night without posting my poem for the day. (too much travel, latley) here it is… expect another one before the end of today!

April 4th

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3030 National Poetry Writing Challenge… Here’s my daily thought.