Why is Daylight’s Saving Time Still a Thing?

Posted: November 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

Just woke up not too long ago and thought for a second, why is it so early? Did I not get enough sleep? Looked at the clock on my dresser, then reached for my phone and saw a calendar note that read “Daylight’s Saving Time.” Yeah, yeah, that’s right… Spring forward, Fall back. We all got an extra hour of time today… While I appreciate the extra hour of time today, I always wonder when this happens, why the hell are we still doing this? Did we start doing this for some war time thing? Some rationing of electricity? I read something once about it was for farmers… I mean, really? Farmers? Look, I appreciate farmers and I consume nearly anything they’re willing to grow, but come on, let them have their own time zone then and let them do as they please, why do you have to disrupt us, non-farmerians. Farmers are important, let them do their thing…

This Daylight’s Savings Time… What daylight are we saving? How do we do this? Where are we saving this daylight? Where do we stash this and how can we use it later? I know I’m asking a lot of questions and I’m sure someone may answer this blog to explain to me the importance of all of this, but please remember… as I am writing this, I just woke up and I have not had my morning coffee yet. As this may very well be, just a random blog post, me, rambling about some random thought in my head, I just really feel at this very moment, this whole Daylight’s Saving Time stuff, is a random piece of randomity. Why are we doing this… STILL? What purpose does this serve? I mean, it’s only an hour. How much time are we saving, really? An hour? If we want to really save, we have to make some real sacrifices, we can get to our goals faster if you make some sacrifices… I mean, if we’re going to do it, let’s just save a whole day! I say we just save a whole Monday. Who really likes Monday’s anyway? Let’s just throw that Monday in the bank for a rainy day and you know, that’s 24 hours saved, one day of sacrifice and we’re already 24 years ahead of what we used to do… Yeah, maybe we can just save up a whole Monday.

But then again, we just have this hour, I guess we’re lucky to have it, we all get to save it up… spend your’s wisely, don’t squander your extra hour… I know, I’m starting to sound like a parent talking to a kid. Well, I really feel like the kid, letting the parents know… What’s the use of saving an hour in the Fall, when we just have to give it back in the Spring!

(My writing month has been continuing, been pounding away on my latest script the last few days, but woke up with these thoughts in my head. Whoever out there is joining me on the #Passion30 month of challenging yourself to do something everyday, I hope it’s going well.)

  1. laurenlola says:

    You know that if we vote for Prop 7 this Tuesday, then this might be the very last time we ever have Daylight Savings.

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