Farewell, Mrs. Neita

Posted: February 18, 2016 in Blog


I’m writing tonight because I today attended the funeral of the women of picture you see above, her name  is Mrs. Neita. You don’t know who she is, she is a women who I think of as a surrogate grandma of sorts. This part of my life is hard to explain, it’s not known by many, even those that knew at this time of my life. The short of it all is she was the mother of my then acting teacher and I knew this women for most of my life… In my 20’s,  my brothers and I, ended up, due to a series of unlikely events, becoming care takers for this woman. When I say care takers, I mean we watched over her, 24 hours a day for nearly 2 years. Now, me and my brothers are all actors, not qualified to be care takers, but for those who you consider family, when asked, you may be surprised at the things you are capable of doing. It wasn’t the easiest things to do, as a matter a fact, it was some of the darkest times in my life. Coupled with doing one of the hardest jobs I can think of, (that we weren’t qualified to do), we also were in a dark time with our family, in that we weren’t speaking to our parents. You can imagine how hard that can be for most families, especially ours being such a close knit one. Ironically, in taking care of this woman, Mrs. Neita,  I felt that this is something my mother would do in a heart beat, I mean, my mother, you see, is one of the most saintly women in the world. Anyone who knows my mom would tell you the same. So even in a time of disconnection with my mother, I somehow felt connected with her in helping out Mrs. Nieta.

Now, Mrs. Neita, well, this woman… Yeah, the mold was broken with her. Although some days it felt as if it was a burden to feed her, bath her, sleep over and just be there to help as she was going through health and mental issues that many folks go through in elder age… it’s funny, in thinking about those crazy days, I also remember laughter… many times of laughter and conversations that we’re enlightening and sometimes just downright hysterical. Maybe I’ll write about it all in a script one day.

Once, my brother Dion and I, had to fly out to Nebraska because she disappeared and when we found her, she was in Nebraska! Yes, somehow, she got on a plane and then a train and every one was scared as to where she could be… well, she was in Nebraska. We flew out, rounded her up and had an adventure of a lifetime driving her back to Los Angeles. I’m telling you, this woman, one of a kind… I’m smiling writing this now. She lived to be 96, I just wanted to write a little about her, life is an adventure, you never know who you’ll meet along the way… Farewell, Mrs. Neita! love you, darlin.


  1. Lana says:

    Service to others is always difficult, but the memories and reward are far greater. You and your brother were there in the most difficult time of her life. I am sure it was not easy to be a burden to others. But you willingly stepped up and she must have loved you both dearly for that. When you die you can only bring love with you and it sounds like she had enough for two lifetimes. She helped to build your character and make you the man you are today, which is pretty darn terrific in my eyes.

    • Laura Quinn says:

      I so agree life is an adventure and kinda like a classroom. It can even be somewhat of a play in which you have the freedom to choose the role you will play in the life’s of people that come into your life. When we leave this life all we take with us is our knowledge and what we have become with that knowledge. Relationships here and the example we leave behind matters. We will carry or character that we have developed across the veil and it can effect how we continue to learn and if we continue to be more like the Savior or the opposite which would be to reject his love and his teachings that will help us to have the greatest happiness. I love the fact even so hard that you served this great lady in your life. I guarantee you see is very aware of your service and may very well be watching over you as she continues to learn and is free from the pains and cares of this world.

      I would love to read some of your works. I will look for them. I am turning 50 this year and life is a lot different from a 50 year olds perspective although my mind seems youthful enough and I still love adventure. :). I love being a grandmother and a mother with 3 out of 6 still at home. I love to serve others and learn all I can. I believe I have gained some of the greatest knowledge that can be obtained in this life and know very well there is more. Our relationship with God and Jesus Christ and our families is most important. Also freedom to choose is essential to Gods plan for us. We need to be very careful and wise about who will preserve our freedom as leaders in America. If we choose big government and leaders who want a socialistic form of government things will only get worse here in America. We need to understand that there is a covenant with God on this land and if we do not keep our end of the covenant he cannot protect us and we are at great risk of being swept off the land. We are at war it is very real. What has come of our hearts? Our values? Our families? You have to understand the history of America it did not happen by chance. People came here for religious freedom. We were a God fearing people (which really means we loved him so much we were more afraid to break his commandments and have him disappointed in us) satin on the other hand(there is opposition in all things) wants us to forget our families and our God and only seek for riches instead of God and his light and wisdom. We live in a time where we do not teach our children to obey Gods commandments and go to church and seek further light and knowledge. That is what is missing which creates confusion and greed and selfishness and so if we cannot obey Gods laws what good are the laws of the land? There will then nevertheless be enough police to police. There fore the constitution hangs by a thread at this time in history. The Constitution is not without God it was inspired by him. Everything good comes from God. Something misunderstood( pardon me jumping around a bit but this is wisdom) is that when we obey Gods laws we actually have more freedom. For example if God put arm around you lovingly like a father giving advice to his young son saying don’t steal what does not belong to you. Do you think that loving advice and rule was to hurt us or protect us from pain in the future. Common sense right?? We have been told by him that for every action good or bad there is a consequence. The consequence for turning away from God (making up our own life styles away from the commandments) we tie his hands concerning this land from his protection.

      I have done so much research and what I am finding is so enlightening but it is hard to share with those who want to live with there eyes shut and hands over their ears. They don’t want to change. It’s too hard so they create a lifestyle that is easier for them. We now have more lost boys and girls in this country then ever before. For those who still remember need to make a stand for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Truth still is truth and never changes. God is the same yesterday and today and forever. There are amazing things that are bringing discovered about the history before Columbis. Wonderful things being discovered about people who lived here before us. There is a record of these people like the bible about the people who lived here in America and were visited by Christ after his resurrection. It’s true and they walked with him and he blessed their children. The stories would make you cry they are so beautiful. There life stories teach beautiful ways to live and to become more Christ like. They also warn against pride and envy and breaking Gods commandments. We are sooo slow to learn and repeat over and over the same mistakes over time. Satin is real and slowly leads us away from truth. We need to understand how the Lord works and love his ways and not the ways of Satin and his followers.

      I continue to love the movie Hook for the simple truths that are waiting to be discovered. 🙂 for example- peter’s happy thought- to be a daddy
      Time- the greatest gift you can give to your family and people you love
      Run home jack- we can become confused in this life where to turn in times of need if we don’t teach our children about there heavenly home and build a home on a strong foundation of Christ centered values. ( if u don’t stand for something you will fall for anything)

      There is good and evil in this world it is oh so very real. Who will you stand and fight with? As for me and my house we will serve the Lord and fight for anything virtuous and lovely and of good report and we will stand and defend these truths this includes his commandments and laws.

      Be careful Saran is crafty and has been around a long time and has cheep counterfeits that only bring short pleasure and long misery.

      Parents are not perfect and make mistakes- the lord knew this about all of us so his plan is perfect if we will learn to use it. The atonement think about that word m. If you break it up it is at one ment. We can repent and change our hearts the quicker the better it is for us to turn from sin and back in the direction of our Savior. Children are so quick to forgive and we need to be forgiving as well it is required. Again God knows our hearts and how honest we are with him. He loves us and wants us to return to him. Families are key in his plan to grow and overcome mistakes and to be taught by God loving parents. To love and serve and forgive. ( there is so much to understand here). We experience joy and heartaches and learn wrong from right.

      I love Wendy in the movie and I also loved the strong character of Rufio who gave the ultimate sacrifice one could give for everything good.

      Hahahahahaha I also loved the clever word fights as a teen and used them countless times. So fun and clever. Maybe not the nicest of words but hey being a teenager is not easy.

      Again it’s about becoming! We all need adjustments in our sails from time to time and not settle for being better but striving to be our best and like our Savior Jesus Christ. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us so we could follow his example of how to truely live and love each other and to bless and to serve.

      My advice? If there are wrongs in your life do your best and make them right. Love God and Jesus Christ. Pray and invite the Holy Ghost to direct you and warn you and testify of truth in your life. Seek for truth and further knowledge that is good and comes from God. Don’t give into temptation see it for what it is. Be happy and cheerful and serve others to the fullest.

      When calamities start to happen what happens to the people? All of a sudden they drop to their knees and pray. We can always point fingers during wars and crimes but when the earth starts to shake etc. there is no one to blame and only one to turn to.

      Jesus Christ knows our hearts and only he knows when he will return not even the Angles. There is truth to be learned and hearts to change and lives to be lived with the true knowledge that brings peace and joy and cans endure hard times. This knowledge I know for myself and is key to further light and knowledge and true joy when we pass through the veil.

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