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i’m caught up! here’s a quick little fun poem i wrote earlier… i just landed in seattle, let’s see what inspires me while i’m here!

still catching up on my 3030 Poetry Writing Month Challenge…

April 4th

Posted: April 4, 2016 in Poems
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3030 National Poetry Writing Challenge… Here’s my daily thought.

April 3rd

Posted: April 3, 2016 in Poems
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#3030NaPrWrMo Poetry Month writing challenge continues…

I decided to do the National Poetry Month Challenge… I posted my first two poems on tumblr, I just wanted to make sure I had them in my blog to for those of you who just follow me here.

Hope you enjoy the poems and I hope I can get through 30 poems this month!


Happy Love Day…

Posted: February 14, 2015 in Blog, Poems
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I dig Valentine’s Day. I woke up not too long ago and I find myself watching “500 Days of Summer,” it’s Valentine’s Day and seems like the perfect way to slowly start this day, just sipping a cup of coffee, eating some yogurt, still in the sweat pants I slept i last night watching Zooey Deschanel, who I find incredibly cute and infinitely watchable, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the awkward love story in a picturesque downtown Los Angeles.

I’m posting a few love poems I’ve written in the past, I didn’t write anything new this year, I’m still in love and I gave her a bike instead of a poem this year… That alone sounds funny, but it was her first bike and to see her face when she saw this red beach cruiser with with a Happy Valentine’s Day balloon attached to was priceless. It was like that feeling you had when you were a kid waking up Christmas morning to find a new bike under the tree, pure childish elation… Now, I have to teach her how ride the thing. I don’t remember how to teach someone how to do that. I just remember crashing a few times when I was learning from my older brother Derek.

Today is cool if you have someone to share it with… it’s even ok if you don’t, just celebrating that love is out there in the world and the pursuit of it all is a worthy cause.

So go kiss someone you dig or go commiserate with friends because you don’t have someone to kiss, but just go celebrate this intangible thing that we all watch movies about and poets write poems about and singers sing songs about… Happy Valentine’s Day.

A Poem For the Last Day of Summer…

Posted: September 21, 2014 in Poems

So I freestyled this poem on my instagram last week and my friend Paola, wanted to shoot a little video for it. So I recorded the vocals and she went out to the beach with my brother, Dion and they shot this on their iPhones!

I think of this as the perfect little love note to say goodbye to Summer… Hope you had a good one…

God In Me… by Dante Basco

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Poems

So I got to shoot this poem in a new way. I got to hook up with some upcoming directors and production crew, National Film SocietyPatrick and Stephen. I loved working with these guys, if you watch their videos, you can see their energy is crazy! This is the beginning of where I want to go with poetry videos, not just with me but for my whole crew. I want to connect with young film makers and pair them up with poets from our DPL (Da Poetry Lounge) crew and shoot “music video” like shorts for our poems and give people something different from the poetry scene. My thing is this, I love poetry and spoken word and if you see it in the theatre it’s very powerful. But it is a theatrical experience, sometimes it doesn’t translate well on to film and video. Some poets and some poems may work… but if we work with film makers and make more narrative pieces with the way shoot it, as well as doing some cool camera shots that can enhance the poem and the poet, it can be interesting… something different at least. Hope you enjoy. Thanks Patrick and Stephen.