Table For One. Melbourne.

Posted: July 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Jet lag while traveling really sucks, my confused body, waking up way too early for no reason. One of the only perks is being able to watch the sunrise in some new city from your hotel room. As I’ve been traveling so much lately, I’ve been getting accustomed to living life on the road. One of the biggest things I’ve had to get used to is eating alone. See, I grew up in a big family, 5 brother and sisters, and number of cousins and friends that lives with us throughout my life. Never even had my own room or bed for that matter till I moved out of my parents house and even then it was house with my brothers. 
So my whole life, I’ve spent my meals amongst a feeding frenzy of friends and family. I’ve never felt comfortable eating alone, for some reason it used to make me feel sad for some reason. In fact, I used to skip meals if one or two of my brothers weren’t around to grab a bite. I’ve even went to bed some nights and in the back of my mind I thought… I forgot to do something today, and sure enough it was, I forgot to eat. That’s when I would start the conversation with myself to see if I was more tired or more hungry…
That was then and now here I am, table for one, up early, a bit jetlagged in Melbourne, watching this city wake up. Drinking an excellent cappuccino and my new favorite breakfast, sourdough toast with avocado and feta.  And I’m not sad, actually not sad in least. I actually don’t mind spending time with myself these days. I actually kinda like it sometimes. 


  1. Cielo says:

    Hello, Dante 🙂 Nice post, and loving the accompanying picture (that cappuccino looks yummy)!

    When life takes on varying degrees of busy, we learn to balance what we grow used to and the new things we come to experience — such as dining alone or with company — and gather a level of appreciation for both sides of the coin. As much as possible, my family gets together over the weekend. During the weekdays, we all have our separate lives, but we look forward to those little weekend gatherings. Can’t say I’m much of a crowd person, but I really like having the company my friends or my closer colleagues over a meal.

    Having a chance to have some quiet time is good — helps to sort your thoughts out and such.

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