Farewell to Robin Williams…

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today Robin Williams past away and it’s been so surreal, it felt like it came out of nowhere… A text message from a friend made me aware of the news and frantically I jumped online to see if it was true. Sadly, I found out it was and even more sad, I read of the circumstances. I couldn’t keep reading the stories online for it’s too sad.

At times like this, I get very reflective and being a writer, I guess it’s best to write and what better place but my blog. It’s surreal because I haven’t seen Robin for many years yet in he’s so connected to me due to his close involvement in the biggest role of my career in “Hook” where he played Peter Pan and I played the punk kid who took over as leader of the Lost Boys when he left Neverland… Rufio.

Although working with him changed my life, in truth, he impacted me several years before when “Dead Poet’s Society” became one of my favorite films and really started me being interested in poetry, at which I later became a poet.

I was lucky to work with him as an actor and witness first hand the magic of what made him a legend, the wit and other worldly improv skills. As well as see him single handedly put the morale of a movie set, easily hundreds of people, on his shoulders and kept everyone laughing as they worked long hours for what seemed like months on end. And at the same time, I was fortunate to spend private times, many mornings in the makeup chair, (which with my tri-hawk hair took hours), just talking about poetry… And soft spoken and introspectively we would discuss Walt Whitman and Charles Bukowski.

With “Hook” and so many other films, I, like millions of others became a fan and was always delightfully surprised by the performances he managed to produce, but with his passing, I can’t help to feel, along with my generation… I can’t help feeling like it’s the death of my childhood. I guess we can’t stay in Neverland forever, we must all grow up.

But I just want to bid a sorrowful farewell to one of the greatest I’ve been able to work with and be around and I’ll always remember my time with you as some of the greatest moments in my life… and just like the rest of the world, I’ll remember you with joy and laughter.

O’ Captain! My Captain! See you in Neverland…

  1. DJ Kento says:

    I might be crying now…

  2. Black_Rose says:

    O Captain, My Captain!

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    RIP Robin Williams.
    Rufio’s farewell blog to Peter Pan…

  4. LBP says:

    When I was growing up, you where my rolemodel, the older brother I never had. I guess you can say I was one of the lost boys around the globe that watched and got captured by the chemistry both you and Robin displayed on Hook.

    I’m sorry for your loss.

    Thank you for helping us put perfect words on our impossible feelings.
    Thank you.

  5. Cece Bell says:

    Beautifully written. I’ve been feelin that way since I found out. It’s like the death of my childhood. I grew up with Robin Williams in my life without him ever physically being there.

    Also, passed not past. Sorry, the writer in my cringed at that. Still wonderfully written.

  6. Drneevil says:

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    Oh Rufio, this is very touching.

    This remarkable man who has touched so many hearts will be greatly missed

  7. Candycoatedliving says:

    I can’t believe he’s gone. He’ll always be my Peter Pan! And I completely agree..I feel like my childhood has died with him ♥

    I’m sure there’s laughter where he is 🙂

  8. Lisa says:

    I feel like I’ve lost a father figure, a friend, an idol and most of all my childhood. I know you’re suffering from the lost but at least, try to be happy to have known him.

  9. qoftu says:

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    Well said…

  10. kateshaven says:

    It’s strange to cry over a man I never met, but I have been all the same.

  11. […] “Hook,” the 1991 fairytale update directed by Steven Spielberg, may not have ended up as one of Williams’ most successful films, but for a generation of kids, it was one of his most iconic. As the grown-up Peter Pan forced back to Neverland, while Basco played Rufio, the Lost Boy who took over as the leader of the ragtag group of forever-kids once Pan left the island of dreams. They became close, for a time, as Basco wrote on his Tumblr late Monday. […]

  12. kateshaven says:

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    I don’t reblog here on WordPress. This is supposed to be my writing blog, but yesterday’s news shook me.

  13. […] Steven Spielbergs Peter Pan-film Hook, heeft een aangrijpend eerbetoon de wereld in gestuurd via Tumblr. Basco groeide zoals zovelen van zijn generatie op met de films van Williams, maar kreeg ook de […]

  14. Beautiful sentiment.

  15. Tawa Witko says:

    Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing them with the world.

  16. nerdbaitplus3 says:

    Thank you for your post – as someone who grew up with his movies and comedic career, this is probably the first time I’ve ever truly been upset about a celebrity passing away – maybe it’s a little selfish to say I’m sad about a person I’ve never even met before, but for someone who brought joy and thought provoking performances to millions he is worth remembering and reflecting on.
    It seems that those who make us laugh the most often also endure the deepest struggles against a darkness that opposes all human happiness – I know what that is like because I’ve struggled with the same issues.
    Such a loss.

  17. Jasmine says:

    Thank you for your beautiful words and for sharing your experience with this incredible man. Though he may not physically be here with us anymore, his spirit still lives on through his impressive body of work, our cherished memories, and of course, the people he inspired and connected with,like you. Please keep writing,Dante!

  18. […] “It’s surreal because I haven’t seen Robin for many years yet he’s so connected to me due to his close involvement in the biggest role of my career,” Basco wrote in his blog. […]

  19. […] Tuesday morning Dante posted a farewell tribute letter to Williams on his blog. Basco shared that working with the actor on “Hook” changed his life, but […]

  20. […] Tuesday morning Dante posted a farewell tribute letter to Williams on his blog. Basco shared that working with the actor on “Hook” changed his life, but […]

  21. […] Tuesday morning Dante posted a farewell tribute letter to Williams on his blog. Basco shared that working with the actor on “Hook” changed his life, but […]

  22. […] Tuesday morning Dante posted a farewell tribute letter to Williams on …read […]

  23. Dante Basco Writes Farewell Letter to Robin Williams « 94.7 Fresh FM says:

    […] Read the full letter on his website. […]

  24. Kelly says:

    Truly sad news. Devastated that he is gone and I just really hope he knows how much he meant to so many! I loved Hook! and so many of his other movies!~ May he rest in peace. Condolences to his family! It sure feels as though Ive lost a member of mine. ❤

  25. […] Tuesday morning Dante posted a farewell tribute letter to Williams on his blog. Basco shared that working with the actor on “Hook” changed his life, but […]

  26. […] Tuesday morning Dante posted a farewell tribute letter to Williams on his blog. Basco shared that working with the actor on “Hook” changed his life, but […]

  27. […] Tuesday morning Dante posted a farewell tribute letter to Williams on his blog. Basco shared that working with the actor on “Hook” changed his life, but […]

  28. Michelle Barton says:

    Dante, I thought of you yesterday, when I saw the headlines. I met you years and years ago, 2002/2003 through Kate Towne. Hope you are well.

    Michelle Barton

  29. […] Tuesday morning Dante posted a farewell tribute letter to Williams on …read […]

  30. […] Dante Basco, who played Rufio in Hook, on his blog: “With Hook and so many other films, I, like millions of others became a fan and was always […]

  31. michellecharris says:

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    Farewell my friend… you will live on in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

  33. […] [Twitter.com/ZeldaWilliams] [US Weekly] [Fox News] [Dante Basco Blog] […]

  34. Angie Howard says:

    That was really beautiful.. RIP Robin, you will definitely be loved & missed by so many.

  35. Kerwin Fajardo says:

    Bangarang Rufio… Bangarang Peter… And Bangarang to the man who never ever really grew up…

  36. Ann says:

    And, once again, I’m crying. Thank you for this Dante.

  37. […] Dante Basco, who played Rufio in Hook, on his blog: “With Hook and so many other films, I, like millions of others became a fan and was always […]

  38. Kat Okul says:

    I wrote a poem and indirectly mentioned you:

    The airwaves are quiet in Vietnam
    as The Birdcage’s lights are dim.
    We wait for Mr. Maguire’s next lesson
    “O Captain, my captain,” we begin.

    But the penguins have danced off the stage
    and Rufio hangs his head
    to see the board game has gone to sleep
    and Roosevelt is dead.

    The clown nose has been put away
    next to the nanny’s cardigan of blue.
    Our one last wish we ask the Genii
    is to bid him “Nanu-Nanu.”

    -K. Okula

  39. NerdAlert656 says:

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    Touching and heartbreaking, a beautiful goodbye to a man who touched so many

  40. […] Basco also penned a goodbye letter for Williams, which he posted on his blog. […]

  41. […] Basco also penned a goodbye letter for Williams, which he posted on his blog[6]. […]

  42. […] — who famously starred as Rufio opposite Williams’ Peter Pan in Hook — wrote this moving tribute on his personal website. Part of which is excerpted […]

  43. Monica says:

    Wow I am crying again I grew up watching his movie and he will always be my favorite actor.

  44. […] on his official blog, Basco wrote an even more heartfelt farewell to his friend. Basco writes “I, like millions […]

  45. […] Basco also penned a goodbye letter for Williams, which he posted on his blog. […]

  46. […] That doesn’t even begin to cover his body of work, like Mork and Mindy or what is for me, and incredibly difficult role, Peter Pan.  Peter Pan is in my top 5 all-time favorite movies.  TinkerBell is my favorite Disney character.  The way he was able to  play Peter at his age in Hook was awesome.  If you didn’t read what Dante Basco had to say about Robin’s passing, you really should. […]

  47. chingpea says:

    Wonderfully written. Of course I’ve never had the honor of meeting Mr. Williams, but I, too, feel like a part of my childhood has died. I’ve loved him for his magic since I saw Popeye as a child. I’ve grown up continuing to admire his screen presence and talent. RIP Robin Williams. xoxo

  48. This is a really lovely piece you wrote Dante. I’ll never forget Robin Williams or you in Hook! Tillie

  49. hnjhynh says:

    I too suddenly felt like a big chunk of my childhood suddenly became hollow as soon as the news was confirmed. At first I thought it was silly to feel such sorrow for someone I have never met but through his talent to engage any generation with his magic, I feel like we all grew up to Robin Williams, making him one of best parts of our memories. Thank you, Mr. Dante for putting words on the feelings we are having now. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend.

  50. emmasmom says:

    Beautifully written. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. The American Foundation for Sucide Prevention (afsp.org) has been immensely helpful for me in dealing with two recent family suicides. For anyone reading this, know that you are not alone. There is help if you’re considering taking your life. Suicide is, as many say, a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Sadly, as I’ve experienced, when the amount of pain someone is experiences overwhelms their ability to cope, they can’t see past the pain. There is no tunnel of light or even a glimpse of hope. Awareness of mental illness and widespread change in the way our healthcare system handles people who suffer from mental illnesses and addictions is the only way to make a difference.
    Dante, may you find peace in your memories of your dear friend Robin.

  51. The Sound of Summer says:

    Extremely sad, a light has gone out today. I hope your memories of working with Robin will bring you comfort in the days to come.

  52. Alexa says:

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    He will be sorely missed.

  53. Lillay says:

    I feel as if my childhood ended too, like with his passing all laughter and fun was sucked out of the universe, I keep awaiting for its return, but the puzzle before me is still missing the pivotal piece, I’m sure it will make a slow creeping return, but it wil never truly be the same. But I am glad I was a generation to know such great work across all scales that and actor created, that I remember and still enjoy. Truly will be missed 😦

  54. Ben says:

    Thank you for sharing your memories with all of us.

    You’re the Pan now.

  55. Thank you, Dante, for writing your thoughts and memories. I have posted so much over the last day, cried a few times and I had not even met him. I, too, posted that I felt like a part of my childhood died. I watched Hook today with my 2 year old and 1 year old daughters (both of them were glued to the tv!) I couldn’t help but cry when Rufio (you) were stabbed and Peter had a moment of love, sorrow and seriousness. Even in character he is genuine and I have always felt that! Great scene with Robin! So sorry for your loss, his family’s loss and to all his millions of fans who flooded Facebook and Twitter. I read them all and am still in a bit of shock myself. The last time I felt so strongly of a “stranger’s” death was when my musical idol died (Michael Jackson). Robin Williams was and will always be one of history’s greatest comedic and acting talents! May he rest peacefully and pain free. Thank you again Dante for allowing us to read your heartfelt thoughts ❤

  56. Ninja716 says:

    I can honestly say this is the first time the death of a celebrity has ever struck me in an emotional way. I grew up watching a lot of Robin Williams’ movies and continued throughout the years. I can only imagine how you’re taking it. You had the honor to meet him and work with him. Robin Williams is deeply missed by all of us. Rest in Peace Robin Williams

  57. anosako says:

    Reblogged this on Anosako's Quiet Reverie.

  58. sassymikee says:

    Beautifully written Sir.

  59. […] Tuesday morning Dante posted a farewell tribute letter to Williams on his blog. Basco shared that working with the actor on “Hook” changed his life, but […]

  60. Jesco says:

    Veryy loving and thoughtful words…….BUT NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU, I literally had to turn off the AC, and tell everyone to stop talking!

  61. Lana C says:

    There are rare individuals who can come across the screen and touch our hearts. Robin is one of those beautiful people. We could feel his genuine concern and kindness on the screen. He had this uncanny ability to bring us to tears or have us ROTF laughing.

    I really think he had no idea until now how very much he truly effected us all. I am betting he is blown away. Our Robin was a star that shined ever so brightly that has gone out and we are heart broken. We must remember to give words of kindness and encouragement to others and through that his light will continue to shine. Robin enjoy the out pouring of love you deserve. With love, gratitude and respect. Shine on In heaven brother.

  62. Lana C says:

    Btw, Dante, you also have the ability to reach across the screen and touch our hearts. I witnessed that when I saw your scenes with robin . On screen you have a wonderful presence about you. You stood out working with a legend. That is no small feat. As you laid there dying in his arms I was brought to tears. I found it totally unnecessary that your character should have to die. Why is it always the minority that dies? Hook my fav movie of all time. Thank you for being a part of that and God bless and heal your heart.

  63. Nuts says:

    You used the same words as I to describe my feelings – and I didn’t even know him.
    Thank you for this letter – it makes me cry. The death of a celebrity has never hit me in an emotional way like this before. It feels like something from the childhood has gone. 😦 Can’t believe it.
    I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend.

    Bangarang!! Thanks for everything! Take care of yourself!

  64. Rachael Burns says:

    U were the real Peter pan u had the gift of making people believe they could do anything be anybody that if we took even a tiny piece of what u had we could make a difference in someone’s life…….. nobody ever inspired my like u except my nan an she sadly passed away when I was only 15 she was my best friend my everything what I learnt was we never said goodbye to each other because there is no goodbye as u once said there is only see u on the other side “never land ” as most of your fans say so until this time if u fly by my nan plz give her a kiss n make her smile for me rest in peace to our childhood legend xxxxx

  65. raj160 says:

    Thanks for such a comprehensive, beautifully written post! I’ve been wanting to start my own blog for some time and your article has helped remind me of some things to consider, as well as pointing me in the right direction for others I had no idea how to approach. I really appreciate the time you took to prepare and publish this Robin Williams Biography, Robin Williams Profile, Robin Williams DOB, Robin Williams Height, Robin Williams Career, Robin Williams Image Gallery

  66. Chris says:

    Well said, Dante.

  67. ladonna says:

    This has gotten me tearing up reading this. You did a wonderful job, I was in shock when I found out the news me and my husband were like surely this isnt real and when we watched it on the news, it got quiet in our house. Ive watched every single movie of Robin’s he was my all time favorite. You did a very thoughtful thing, may he R.I.P. and always live on in our hearts.

  68. Chris says:

    Reblogged this on Chris’s Space and commented:
    A touching farewell from Dante Basco (Rufio in ‘Hook’)

  69. […] was not until I read Dante Basco’s WordPress entry of his laments for the late actor when I realized that I was not alone. Dante Basco is also an […]

  70. Ashli says:

    I was asked if I had heard by a friend and honestly I thought she was bullshitting me. A cashier confirmed it. I was beside myself. He was one of my favorite actors and his movies were what I turned to when life became overwhelming. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain his wife and family must be feeling losing such a beautiful soul. The light of our world dimmed the day we lost him.

    R.I.P. Robin Williams, I wish you could have seen and felt the love and admiration from the people who knew you and those who only wished they did. Maybe if you did you’d still be here with us today.

  71. Hel says:

    Hier en france le film hook est passer en son honneur 😦 et aussi goodmorning Viêt Nam

  72. chinacatfish says:

    Thank you for sharing this – the interplay between the two of you is one of the best things ever caught on film, and the older I get, the more important it becomes to me. I’m heartbroken for all of us – but shared pain is lessened, like the joy of his work, shared amongst us, increases still.

  73. Ahmedn1 says:

    Reblogged this on N1Science and commented:
    Farewell Williams, you are one the best

  74. Although you know him more than all of us…. I think there might be a chance he’d be sad to hear you say “we must all grow up someday”. After all wasn’t he really the perfect incarnation for Peter Pan? Maybe if he didn’t turn on the news to find out what we still do everyday, he wouldn’t have felt that need to go back to neverland… The Peter Pan in him is the part that made him what he was, that made you smile all along on that set, and that made me and our generation keep loving him until we go back to neverland ourselves. So no, there isn’t a need to grow up so fast. Always keep this spirit. Sometimes the lost children take better care of themselves, and they certainly keep more apt at smiling and loving in general, be it life or each other.
    Thank you Dante for sharing this with us

  75. […] Farewell to Robin Williams by Dante Basco. Hook is certainly one my favorite movies when I was kid. I could memorize the lines and scenes by heart. You remember the punk kid Rufio? I was wondering where he is now. Well, I found him here on WordPress as he shared his thoughts and memories about the man. […]

  76. Pariah says:

    O Captain, My Captain!

  77. maryamnaz1 says:

    I really enjoyed Dead Poet’s Society, his role in that film, encouraging the students to pursue their dreams, seemed so joyous, until it basically lead to the suicide’s of one of his students. The film became increasingly darker towards the end and I guess that’s kinda how his life was.

    He once said:” I used to think that the worse thing in life was to end up lonely. But I was wrong. The worst thing in life is being around people that make you feel lonely”

    So, I guess he kinda got to everyone.

    Genie…your free.

  78. Stephanie H. says:

    Thank you for this post, Dante. That screenshot of the two of you together from “Hook,” that moment of fierce joy when Rufio bows with a smile and invites Pan to the fight…those are my favorites. Robin Williams was, throughout his career, the embodiment of our most child-like and passionate joys, and the voice of our unfettered energy and enthusiasm…all wrapped in such a kind, gentle, thoughtful, intellectual and yet earthy man. He seemed fearless, and yet so quiet and knowing. The French, when they miss someone, say to them, “tu me manques,” “you are missing from me.” This is how I feel about Robin Williams. Now Genie, you are free. Rest in peace with my great thanks and smiles through my tears. And thank you again, Dante. Sending you a hug and a smile through tears, too.

  79. […] Basco, who played Rufio in a dear childhood classical Hook, paid reverence to Robin Williams on his blog Tuesday. “Although operative with him [in Hook] altered my life, in truth, he impacted me […]

  80. cin dickson says:

    Beautiful tribute god bless ….

  81. […] the poignant piece, “Hook” actor Dante Basco talks about how Williams’ impact on his life began […]

  82. jacquelynmcvicker says:

    “Bangarang”….Rest in Peace Robin and I’m very sorry for the loss of your friend

  83. […] Boys’ leader Rufio opposite Robin Williams’ Peter Pan in Hook, published a video and blog tribute, bidding farewell to his former […]

  84. […] simply feeling what everybody else was. That sentiment changed after I read a blog post by actor Dante Basco, who portrayed Rufio alongside Williams in Hook. He said so eloquently what I was feeling that I […]

  85. tealtomato says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    I am about to enter a dark couple days.. I would appreciate any support from you guys. http://tealtomato.com

  86. Jan in Houston says:

    I only wish Robin could have loved himself half as much as the world loved him. I know that this sounds egocentric, but I just feel bereft. The only solace in this terrible news is that Robin is now with Chris & Dana Reeves and everyone is healthy and happy. He could bring so much silliness and happiness to a pretty hideous world as well as inspirational roles. What a terrific actor and good guy…

  87. “O’ Captain! My Captain! See you in Neverland…”

    ( at 1st it felt like a bit of my childhood died…but when I think about even at 63 he was still like MJ a “Child” at heart.

    We grow up but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the hope & light of child alive. When I watch his work I feel like a kid again. So I believe we should keep that light in us no matter WHAT happens. Don’t let anything take that joy….we need more of it. If i have kids they will grow up knowing this & him.)

  88. joyce says:

    What a Loss to the world. RIP Dear Sweet Robin Williams. Love and comfort to your family. No words can express the heartbreak and sorrow.

  89. […] simply feeling what everybody else was. That sentiment changed after I read a blog post by actor Dante Basco, who portrayed Rufio alongside Williams in Hook. He said so eloquently what I was feeling that I […]

  90. […] This post originally appeared on dantebasco.wordpress.com […]

  91. […] This post originally appeared on dantebasco.wordpress.com […]

  92. […] This post originally appeared on dantebasco.wordpress.com […]

  93. […] This post originally appeared on dantebasco.wordpress.com […]

  94. Sydney says:

    Very touching. Can’t help but to agree about our child hood being laid to rest as well. From Hook, to Aladdin, TOYS, Good Will Hunting, D.P.S., Good Morning Vietnam, Miss Doubtfire, and MANY other great roles and stand ups, he’s always been a versatile human. But I would have never guessed he could not make himself happy. Poor Robin. The lines from your movies hold such a deeper meaning now. As it has been said before. You’re free Genie.

  95. […] This post originally appeared on dantebasco.wordpress.com […]

  96. Sherrie says:

    Truly a tragic loss for all of us. Robin Williams, thank you for the years of gifted humor unlike any other. Also the gifted dramatic acting in roles like “Bicentennial Man” and my favorite- “What Dreams may Come”. Brilliant.

  97. […] This post originally appeared on dantebasco.wordpress.com […]

  98. […] This post originally appeared on dantebasco.wordpress.com […]

  99. courtney says:

    Amazing tribute….you were my favorite in hook and this was another reason why…not only a great actor but an astonishing human being

  100. […] verstorben! Ein grossartiger Entertainer, der mit seinen Filmen immer zu unterhalten wusste! Auch Dante Basco hat ihm einen Abschiedsbrief hinterlassen! Falls euch der Name nicht sofort geläufig ist, es war Rufio in “Hook” gespielt […]

  101. […] associated: Dante Basco (a.ok.a. Rufio in "Hook") writes his personal farewell to the actor on his weblog, whereas Norm MacDonald shares his recollections of Williams via Twitter. See additionally: Marc […]

  102. […] Tuesday morning, Basco took to his blog to write a farewell summary to […]

  103. lauren says:

    Thank you for writing this. Hook was and is one of the few movies that brought magic into my childhood and life. I can still watch it over and over. Now at 26 I’m dealing with a chronic illness and an uncertain future but that movie just means so much to me. It brings back so much nostalgia and thoughts before all these horrible things happened to me. It’s an escape, in a way. I can forget all the bad. Just thank you and Robin for that. Seriously. 💙

  104. […] This post originally appeared on dantebasco.wordpress.com […]

  105. […] simply feeling what everybody else was. That sentiment changed after I read a blog post by actor Dante Basco, who portrayed Rufio alongside Williams in Hook. He said so eloquently what I was feeling that I […]

  106. Diego Paz says:

    Bro, I just saw Hook and wondered about you. Than looked for your info on Twitter, that led me to this blog. I would really want to interview you for our news paper. Please send me your contact to diego.paz@diez.hn

  107. […] can read the full post on Basco’s blog. var sc_project=9846729; var sc_invisible=0; var sc_security="9a0f0d6e"; var scJsHost = […]

  108. A Great Light says:

    Robin’s wonderful spirit touched the world, and now the heart of world reaches out to him.


    Since his passing, so many have stepped forward to share what a kind, generous and loving soul he was. The world was a better place with Robin in it, and I wish him well on his new journey:

  109. Taye says:

    Perfectly worded. Truly feels like the death of the childhoods of us who grew up in the 90’s. Until his passing, I hadn’t stopped to realize his was the embodiment of my youth in regards to entertainment. Thank you for you words and your beautiful portrayal as Rufio.

  110. […] it. Much like life can be. Dante Basco, who you may remember as Rufio from Hook, published his own tribute last week, where he noted that the loss of Robin Williams felt like the death of his childhood. […]

  111. Awesome speech..bangarang rufio.bangarang robin

  112. i really like your style of blogging. thank you for sharing with us.

  113. Alison Yap says:

    thank you for sharing this. Although Robin was someone I never met but he was always in my house growing up. Bring me mork & mindy every afternoon or memorable movies like Dead Poet’s, Patch Adams, Mrs Doubtfire, what dreams may come, popeye and the list is endless. His passing is felt just like losing a family member. And your sharing of your time with him gives us that closer an insight to being around him would have felt like. We are all fortunate to read this

  114. Michelle says:

    Thank you for sharing your post. It’s been over a month and it still feels surreal. Although I never had the opportunity to meet him, you and I are close to the same age. I completely agree, for our generation he was always there. A part of our childhood died with him. I know a lot of people have mentioned feeling this way as well, but it’s like losing our favorite family member. Hook came out the year my dad passed away when I was a kid and that to this day is my favorite movie of all time ever (so thanks for your splendid part in that, you crinkled wrinkled puke pot 🙂 ). BUT as I got older I always loved Robin and his movies & stand up. He was just such a genuine honest human being that we all felt like we really knew him. My condolences to you and his family and to all of us who are still incredibly saddened by the loss of such an incredible man. Bangarang.

  115. […] This post originally appeared on dantebasco.wordpress.com […]

  116. I cried so bad. This gave me severe chills.

  117. I’m so sorry. What a difficult loss for you.

    I haven’t been keeping up with reading your blog posts, and I only just now saw this one.

    It’s a little surreal, but in a way cool, reading about how Robin Williams had such a role in shaping the life and career of another actor. I wonder how many stories there are like yours.

  118. Carmen Harrell says:

    Extremely well written & heartfelt, you spoke from the soul, Robin would be so proud!

  119. You couhld certainly see your enthusiasm within thee article you write.
    The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraud to say how they believe.
    Always goo after your heart.

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